Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets Will Make You a Superstar

If you are a superstar salesperson or want to be that fantastic sales star, then you need to consider carefully what kind of gifts to give your best clients. If you in any sort of big ticket product sales, including real estate or real estate loans, you may want to seriously consider giving out wine and cheese gift baskets to your best customers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your client. Can you just imagine how appreciated they will feel when they receive great gifts like wine and cheese gift baskets or some other great gift baskets?

There are lots of great gifts out there, but most people just don’t take the time to personalize their gifts and end up handing out gift certificates instead. Although gift certificates are nice, they just don’t say “I appreciate your business” like some sort of stacked or packaged gift like wine and cheese gift baskets or Omaha Steaks for example.

Let’s be realistic. As much as you would like to think that your clients are loyal only to you and that they are your “buddies” and would not think of taking their business elsewhere, the truth is that if you are selling a product in a highly competitive field, then your customers need to feel the love from you.

If you are not giving them personalized gifts like wine and cheese gift baskets or great tickets to Lakers home games (good luck finding those) then you could be out-gifted by your rival and not even know it until your client decides to take his business elsewhere.

Again, put yourself in their shoes. If you were them would you turn down a great gift box or fancy present from a competitor who has basically the same product or service you have just because you feel some sort of loyalty? Not likely, and especially not in today’s cutthroat world of sales and business. Today, you need every edge you can get.

Find out what your clients like first. Don’t go sending wine and cheese gift baskets to someone whose religion forbids him or her to drink. If they are vegans, don’t send Omaha Steaks (I made that mistake once, oh boy). You should know your clientele better than that or maybe you just don’t deserve their business.

Come on, you are making a killing (or at least a living) selling whatever it is that you are peddling to these folks. The least you could do is find out how many kids they have, when their birthdays are, and what kind of sports or entertainment they prefer.

If you are a Laker fan, you would not want someone to give you Clippers tickets for example. If you know your client is a movie buff, don’t just buy tickets to the movies, get them a pass to a film festival in their hometown. If you know that they love gourmet foods then maybe wine and cheese gift baskets are the correct choice.