Why Not Try a Buckwheat Pillow For More Comfort?

Some people can sleep with any old pillow and feel just fine. You may not be one of these people. If you find that you are waking up at night to move your pillow, ball it up under your head, or go between one or two of them without really liking it either way, you may want to think about other types of pillows.

There are memory foam pillows shaped to cradle your head, and there are down filled pillows, which not as many use any more but can be very comfortable. There are also buckwheat pillows, which are useful for more than just a good night of sleep.

Buckwheat pillows are actually made with the hull or the ‘husk’ of the buckwheat. These are supposed to be baked to remove anything that would cause a problem with allergies or illness when the pillow is used. Buckwheat pillows have been around for a very long time, first used in Asia.

They tend to form to the head or the head/neck of the person using the pillow, and you can find them in larger sizes if you want a body pillow. Many prefer these to any other type of pillow for this reason, and also because they tend to last longer.

If you want to get a buckwheat pillow, you want to have one that you can clean. You should never dump the whole thing in any water or it will be ruined. Find one that you can easily remove a cover from so that it can be washed.

No matter how neat these buckwheat pillows can be, you have to wash them to some extend because your face produces oils, and many of us fall asleep with our makeup on, which soils that liner of the pillow. Pet hair can be a problem as well.

Some people like to heat buckwheat pillows when they have pain. These actually offer good airflow throughout the pillow, meaning they will stay at the same temp as the room while you are sleeping. You should sweat excessively into a buckwheat pillow like you can with a foam pillow or pillow made with down feathers.

If you use one of these heated, you can soothe away neck aches and pains, or use them for your lower back. However, it is not recommended that you do this with children. They may have an allergy to buckwheat and heating it could make it worse. Don’t buy these for your whole family, just get one for you.

Some people have an allergic reaction to the buckwheat pillows. Because these are not roasted as they used to be (though some companies still do this), but are instead vacuumed, some dust can remain.

If you have a dust allergy, one of these buckwheat pillows can cause a reaction to someone with dust allergy. If you feel as if you are closing up or can not breathe, or suddenly have allergy symptoms when you never had them before, it could be the pillow. Discontinue use and see if that does not help. If you have a severe reaction, see your doctor as soon as possible.