What Are The Frequent Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that multitudes of men and women, and on occasion even children, have to suffer on an annual basis. Sometimes, it comes back, but often it does not without deliberate help. All ages and walks of life are affected by the loss of hair. The following paragraphs discuss the most frequent reasons hair loss happens.

We are what we eat, and if you do not have a diet amenable to hair health and growth, you are not helping yourself. You want a diet that is overall full of your needed nutrition, but for hair health, you want to focus specifically on iron and protein. These two nutrients are key players responsible for healthy hair.

If your hair is disappearing, consider your medicine cabinet. Certain prescriptions handed out by doctors are known to cause hair thinning or loss in some patients. It is not advisable to make this assumption immediately, even if you read that hair loss is a side effect of a recent medication. Keep taking it, as you have the prescription for a reason, but do talk to your physician or pharmacist soon about alternatives.

Certain medical techniques, such as radiation treatments and chemotherapy are so devastating to hair health that many patients assume they will be temporarily bald. Shaving one’s head and possibly getting a wig are common traditions before starting chemo for many.

Sometimes, hair health can be impacted by serious swings in hormone levels within the body. It is changes in hormone levels that sometimes stimulate hair growth in the teenage age range, and lowering hormone levels later in life can mean thinning hair. Stress hormones in sharp bursts or chronic patterns can result in midlife hair problems.

Scalp infections are not something you hear about every day, but they do happen. Keeping your head clean and hygienic should prevent this from ever happening to you.

One factor that no one can do anything about is their genes. Sometimes, baldness is just hereditary and runs in your family.

Wearing baseball caps or tight fitting hats is known to reduce hair levels in some individuals. Any head coverings that are worn should be loose enough to let the hair breathe and get sufficient blood flow.

Tragically, some hair loss is just caused by accidents. Car accidents, scrapes, burns, chemical exposures and other unfortunate incidents sometimes deprive individuals of patches of hair that just never return. However, this is sometimes correctable through surgery.

Hair loss is inherited by many, and is just a facet of their life that people can do nothing about. However, there are many other potential causes of hair loss that were outlined in this article. Many are preventable, some are just temporary and a few have treatment options.

If you are starting to notice that your hair is thinning, it might be a good time to reconsider your overall lifestyle. The way you live might be the very thing hurting your hair, and you could have the power to save your lovely locks from going away by making a few simple changes.