What Are The Best Natural Appetite Suppressants?

There are all kinds of supplements on the market these days that bill themselves as excellent appetite suppressants. While some of them probably are just that, I have learned of a number of ways to naturally suppress one’s appetite that do not require anything in pill form.

Of all of the appetite suppressants that I have ever used when trying to lose weight, one of the best is not even something that one consumes. Exercise, in my opinion, is a better appetite suppressant than anything else, but can also be one of the more difficult ones to put into place if one is not sincere in his or her desire to lose weight.

When I first decided to lose weight many years ago, I made it a point to go on a 30-minute walk every evening before dinner. I had heard that exercise was a great appetite suppressant, but I had to see for myself, because it seemed to me that exercising would actually make someone trying to lose weight feel more hungry. For me, there was no question that I felt less hungry when I completed my exercise.

Another of the best suppressants for me was water. This may not be counted by many people among the natural appetite suppressants, but I always found that when I drank a glass of water before I ate my dinner, I was never as hungry and always ate less.

In fact, that was probably the reason I was able to lose weight relatively quickly when I first started trying, because I drank a glass of water every single night just before dinner.

Another natural suppressant that I actually read about was peppermint. I am not exactly sure how this works, but evidently, sucking on a peppermint candy can decrease a person’s appetite. I tried this once and it worked for a while for me, but before long, I was hungry again.

Along those lines, however, what I found to be one of the best natural appetite suppressants is chewing gum. I had always heard that chewing gum sort of gave a person that sensation that they were eating, and hence, made them less hungry. I tried that one with great results, finding that I don’t eat as much if I have been chewing gum.

There are a number of natural appetite suppressants out there, and it is just a matter of finding the right one. I have tried some of the over-the-counter medicines, but I have always believed that, if you can find something natural that will have the same effect, use it rather than a medication.

With the natural appetite suppressants I have listed above, I have found that they all work better than anything I have ever bought over the counter.