Q&A With Paleo Diet Expert Robb Wolf... Plus 8 Tips to Help You Maintain a Paleo Lifestyle

THE PALEO DIET By Erica Pearce (Page 3)

At the forefront of the Paleo Diet revolution is Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist who is regarded as one of the world's leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition. Robb has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked iTunes podcast and his best selling book 'The Paleo Solution'.

In this 67 minute Q&A session Robb gives detailed answers to 29 'paleo diet' questions as part of a series where you can ask authors anything and everything.

Unfortunately, the cheapest and quickest foods to prepare are often the least nutritious. The consequences of our busy lifestyles can be seen in obese children who have been raised on a diet of processed foods and fast foods.

The popular culture even makes eating real foods an odd concept. Even knowing the proven benefits, some never try the Paleolithic diet because they believe it's too fussy to prepare and too difficult to maintain.

Living a long, healthy and fulfilling life is well worth a few small changes. While not quite as easy as stopping at a drive through, following and maintaining a Paleo lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult with a few tips to help you along.

8 Tips to Maintaining a Paleo Lifestyle

(1) Always Stay Organized - The most important tip is to be organized and prepared. The biggest challenge is to have Paleo foods available at home at all times, and to plan your meals in advance. You are more likely to make healthy food choices if they are always readily available at home.

(2) Change How You Shop - Find the best farmers markets, butchers and grocery stores in your area. Before going to the grocery store make a list of items you plan to buy, and avoid the aisles filled with tempting processed foods. This may be a little difficult at first but you'll soon get used to it.

(3) Clear Out Your Kitchen - Clear out your shelves and cupboards of all cereals, pasta, and processed foods. You'll be replacing them with much healthier fresh foods.

(4) Learn to Work the Kitchen - If you can't cook then you'll have to learn. How else can you take full advantage of everything nature has to offer? There are lots of Paleo recipes to be found online, and no shortage of Paleo cook books.

(5) Dress Your Food - Most condiments on store shelves are filled with preservatives. However, you can enhance the flavor of your foods by making your own homemade condiments and sauces - Ketchup, mustard, salad dressings and sauces can all be made at home naturally with delicious results.

(6) Regular Exercise - Simply changing your eating habits will result in natural and healthy weight loss. But if you add some exercise into the mix you will be surprised at how quickly you will notice a difference. You'll quickly shed pounds of excess fat and feel more energetic, not tired and sluggish as before. You'll be much fitter, mentally sharper and all around younger.

(7) Join a Paleo Forum - Join a forum where like-minded people meet up. Asides from sharing ideas on recipes and helping each other with tips and advice. Being part of an online community is highly motivating, especially when you learn how other member's have overcome their weight loss and health issues simply by following a Paleo lifestyle.

(8) Keep a Paleo Diet Diary - Keeping a diary or a food journal is essential for keeping track of everything you eat. Fortunately you don't have to keep track of calories, but maintaining a diary or journal will help you to stay on course, to stay motivated and keep you firmly focussed on eating well. It will also help you to plan your meals ahead of time, and to rate your meals - your likes or dislikes of a particular recipe etc.

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