Using Infant Slings Safely

There are many great products out there that help you soothe and calm your baby when they are newborn to the the age of one. One of those things are the various infant slings you can buy in almost any baby supply store.

The problem with slings is not that they are all totally unsafe, but there are some wrong ways to use them that can cause injury and even death to a baby. Baby slings can be used safely, but care must be used to ensure you know what you are doing and that the model you choose is the safest you can buy.

The news has been full of reports lately that state baby infant slings are simply not safe and should not be used. Many parents that already love and use these may argue that they have had no problems with them.

This is because they have been using them the right way and taken care when they decided which one to use for their baby. There are some distinctions between models that are safe and some that could easily cause problems. Take some time to learn more before you buy an infant sling for your own piece of mind.

One problem with the infant slings is that they hold the baby in an unnatural position if used in the front of the body. This means the head is up and the rest of the body is in the sling at a slight angle. The problem with this position is that it can cut off breathing for some newborns.

The windpipe is not as sturdy as it could be early on, so anything that throws the head forward even a little bit can cause suffocation. This can be a problem with most free form infant slings and newborns. Even worse, baby can not fight back at that age and you may never know they are having trouble breathing before it’s too late.

Some infant slings are dangerous because parents use both hands to do something and baby falls right out of the sling. Though this is one of the main reasons why people use them, and most use them safely, it isn’t actually a good idea.

If your baby is comfortably in the sling while you are doing something else, always have one hand on the baby at all times. It may not be as convenient, but it is certainly life saving. A fall from a few feet can instantly kill an infant, and because their heads are so heavy in comparison to the rest of their body, they are most likely going to land head first if they slide out of infant slings.

Another problem with the infant slings that some buy is that they misjudge where the baby is in the sling and they may walk too close to something, possibly hitting baby in the head.

To avoid these problems, be very choosy about the type of baby slings that you buy, and always use extreme caution while baby is inside. Check on them often and never assume that they are secure. Think of it as an easier way to cuddle and stay close to baby, but also keep your eyes and hands on them to ensure they are safe.