Top 5 Medical Jobs Based on Popularity And Demographics

For those seeking medical jobs, one is always spoilt for choice. The medical field has very many specialist roles that one can train and recruit in today. The common conception however among the masses is that to pursue a career in the medical field, you only have to choose between being a doctor or a nurse.

The truth however is that the number of specialist careers available in the medical field today are vast than can be listed down in a single article. For this article, let us review the five most popular medical jobs and which that have more number of trained professionals in the US today.

Top 5 medical Jobs – These jobs are all in the clinical sector of health care and do not include the non-clinical (medical support services) jobs like administration, medical sales etc.

1. General Physicians

A certified general physician must have full knowledge of the human anatomy and the specific diseases that usually affect parts of that anatomy. This knowledge is however generalized and cannot be regarded as specialist skills.

The general physicians, who form the majority of medical practitioners past a nurse, may choose to specialize in a particular field of general medicine. Then such a physician gains a specialist title such as:

– Neurologist
– Pediatrics
– Obstetrics
– Gynecology
– Urology etc

2. Surgeons

The filed of surgery is perhaps where the most highly paying and prestigious medical jobs lie. Surgeons may also be general surgeons or specialists. They skills are in the invasive medical operations that seek to correct internal organs that may be dysfunctional. Surgeons earn based on their expertise, skill level and experience.

3. Physician Assistants

A certified physician assistant is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the general tasks otherwise conducted by a doctor, but under the direction and or supervision of the said doctor. The assistant may administer medicines to a patients, may treat repeat patients with therapies etc. These guys earn as much as $70,000 annually on the average, with some in private facilities doubling that amount.

4. Dentists

You do not have to be interested in medical jobs to know who a dentist is and the kind of stuff these guys do on a daily basis. Nonetheless, do not be mistaken that dentists are just guys whose only business is to rearrange your dental formula.

Dentists are professionals in the medical industry, with specialized skills of curing and treating dental infections. Their job is to treat gun and teeth problems. More importantly though, they help advise and recommend appropriate preventive and curative procedures that you need to keep your teeth healthy.

Dental care involves operating complicated dental tools and equipments and tools besides the highly specialized skills. An average dentist will earn not less than $120,000 annually.

5. Psychologists

Psychologists are becoming increasingly popular in America today and almost everyone has his or her shrink, as they are popularly called. A psychologist is professionally trained to treat emotional and mental problems such as depression, mental complications, stress, behavioral issues, addictions, relationship problems, family and marital problems, etc. medical jobs in psychology usually attracts a salary of about $65,000 annually at the very lowest.