Tips To Save On Groceries

You know how to clip a few coupons and save a little money when you are shopping for groceries, but do you know there are people who save so much they can plan vacations with the money they save throughout the year?

They spend about half of what you do on their groceries. How do they do it? You have to have some time to commit to the process, and there are a lot of tricks to learn, but you can save on groceries if you really want to do so. You just have to be willing to research and spend a little more time on your shopping.

You can save on groceries by going to wholesale clubs, but there is a catch to this. If you are buying in bulk you save money, but not if you are not going to use it all. It is not really a deal if you do not need the items or are not going to use them all.

Make sure your bulk purchases are things that you are going to use up in a reasonable amount of time. Things like toilet paper and paper towels are usually always good deals, but that hamburger can go bad before you use it all – especially if you are prone to forgetting to put the extra in the freezer.

Sales are everywhere, and they can help you save on groceries, but only if you play your cards right. Every store has great sales on a few items that are used to draw you into the store.

They bank on you buying all of your groceries there so that the savings are eaten up by the regular priced items you get. Instead of doing all of your shopping in one place, pick a few conveniently located stores and go there only for the sales items that you know you are going to use. If you get only the specials, you are going to save a bundle on groceries. You can do the rest of your shopping where the prices are consistently low without or without a sale.

You can also save a lot if you eat a lot of meat, as most families do. What you want to do to save on groceries is to find a meat supplier that gives you larger quantities at a great per pound price.

If you can not find a local butcher for this, see if there are any farmers that offer beef or pork by the half or quarter. You will save on groceries if you buy your meat this way and store it in the freezer. You may have to get a stand alone freezer, but it will pay for itself soon enough with what you save getting your meat this way.

You can also save on groceries when you think buying in bulk is a waste for you because you live alone or your children have left the house. What you can do in this case if find a friend in the same situation who may want to split these purchases with you.

You can then buy the specials in bulk or larger quantities and split them in half, still giving you great savings on your grocery bill. The number one rule either way, is that if you don’t need it, it’s never a good deal even if it’s dirt cheap. Only get what you need.