Tips for Decorating on a Budget

You look around your home, and you are bored. The furniture has been the same for years, and you haven’t changed a thing since your current senior in college was roaming the house in diapers.

Perhaps it’s time to consider redecorating! However, will money as tight as it usually is these days, decorating on a budget may seem like a pipe dream. Never fear- here are several money saving options that will make your house seem brand new!

Consider a paint job. Decorating on a budget does not need to be a complete overhaul of your house. Changing one thing, drastically, can give a room a completely different feel. Are the white walls of your living room a little bland? Pick a color in the fabric of your curtains, couch, or even picture frames, and paint your walls.

The color will add new life to your room, and you can usually manage to paint a room, including all of the supplies, for around $75. That won’t break the bank, and it will blow your mind. Another interesting color change? Paint your ceiling. A dark blue ceiling can make any room pop!

Cruise your local consignment and resale stores. When decorating on a budget, don’t be afraid to buy used. A lot of times, consignment stores have strict standards about the level of wear and tear they will accept on their consigned pieces, so the furniture you’re looking at will be in really good condition.

You will end up saving hundreds of dollars on pieces that will make your house look brand new. You also don’t need to buy a whole new house full of furniture. A (like) new armchair, china hutch or dresser can add a new dimension to the room, and can sometimes be found for as little as $50. Now, that’s decorating on a budget!

If you have the time and the will, refurbish some of the pieces you already have. That sofa that you’ve had for thirty years and is nearly worn white? Recover it yourself! There are a variety of books, how to guides, and YouTube videos available that can show you how to do the process, and the materials are not all that expensive.

Some people will find the experience relaxing, and it becomes a hobby for them. It doesn’t have to be super expensive material, either. Browse the clearance aisles at stores like Hobby Lobby to find upholstery material for cheap! If it becomes something you’re good at, you can even do it on a regular basis and make money off of it.