These Days I do All of My Banking Business Online

I opened my first checking account about 14 years ago and did nearly all of my banking on my own. I’d balance my checkbook manually, and on those rare occasions I needed to check my balance for something, I would either call an automated system or simply wait for my monthly statement to arrive.

That all changed after a few years when I found that I could do my banking business online, and I have been doing it that way ever since.

I have to admit that I love doing my banking business online for a number of reasons. When I think back to the days of balancing my checkbook and making sure that everything jibed with my statements each month, I have to laugh a little, because it just seems so archaic.

It is so easy to go online, look up your bank account information and balance everything electronically. I can see what money I have coming in, check for fees being taken out, see when they are withdrawn from my account and adjust my records accordingly.

Another thing that I really love about doing my banking business online is that I can easily transfer money from my checking account to my savings account and vice versa. I try to put money from checking into savings every time I get paid, and there have been a few times that I had to take some money out of savings to cover some larger bills.

One of the biggest benefits of doing my banking business online is the fact that it is so much quicker than having to call the bank, go through a series of prompts, and then typing in your checking account number and password. Then you have to hear more prompts before it gets to the option of hearing your account balance.

If something was off, there was no way to see what the problem was and correct it until my monthly bank statement came. By doing my banking business online, I can look at my entire transaction history and see exactly what has been done with both my checking and savings accounts. There is a tremendous peace of mind that goes along with that.

I also like that fact that banking online allows you to look at other features the bank offers, such as IRA accounts and investment opportunities. It really helps in terms of financial planning, and you can research at your own pace without having to go to the bank to talk to a personal banker.

For me, performing my banking business online has made my life much easier. I know that it is not for everyone, as I know many people who still prefer to do it the old-fashioned way. I, however, could not imagine doing it any other way and would recommend trying it out to anyone interested in simplifying their life.