Theres a Demand For People Who Speak English And a Second Language

This is for those who have learned English as their first language. Yes, knowing English can be an asset to you. It is still the world’s language for business and is taught as a crucial language in nearly every country in the world.

It attained this prominence because it was the English who, more or less, colonized the world (said with all due deference to the the Spanish). In America, before the settlers came, Native Americans had their own language, so that America was a diversity of languages.

Then the colonizers from England came, claimed North American as their own, and spread throughout the land. They did not kill off all the native inhabitants. They needed them to learn the land, so, rather than learn the predominant language of the region, only a few learned it so that they could teach the inhabitants the language of the new civilization. They learned Native American Indian languages to teach English to these natives as their second language.

This same pattern was repeated wherever the English colonized, in India, Africa, the Orient. Being such avid colonizers, there was a high demand for those who could teach English as a second language to the conquered people of these new found lands.

Even today, with the demise of colonization, there is still a demand for those who can teach English as a second language, because business throughout the world is done in English. The same thing happened in the Middle East during the period before and at the time of Jesus.

Then, the common business language was Aramaic. No, Jesus did not speak Hebrew, but the language of business. As Hellenism spread with Alexander the Great’s conquest, Greek became the second language of his empire. When Rome ruled, Latin became everybody’s second language. Throughout history, there has always been a demand for teachers to teach the language of the conquerors to the conquered.

The world has become more unified now, and English prevails as the language of business and diplomacy. This means that those who would teach English as a second language are still in great demand. This also opens up opportunities for those who are students of other languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Chinese, any language.

College students can major in French, for instance, because of their love of the language and literature, and not fear they will have no job to come of it. There are many French citizens who immigrate to the U.S. and do not know English.

Often, you’ll find them advertising for a tutor in English. And we can’t possible ignore those immigrants from South America who have come to the U.S. looking for a better life, millions of them, few of them competent in the language of the land where they hope to make a new life.

If you majored in a language that is not English, and you need a job, check out your local schools and colleges for any openings for those who can teach English as a second language.

If you happen to be one of those who learned English as a second language when you immigrated, you’re also eligible to teach English as a second language. There’s still jobs out there for those who know another language besides English. Check it out.