The Paranormal As Normal

There are only three schools of thought when it comes to the paranormal and paranormal activity. The first school of thought is total belief. The second school of thought is total skepticism and disbelief.

Most of us are in the third category and that is we want to believe that it is possible (like Santa Claus) but in the back of our minds we know it is highly improbable that such things really exist.

Even people that have experienced the paranormal don’t always believe in it. I know someone that swears he saw a real ghost when he was ten years old at his old house in San Francisco.

Although he claims to have seen the phantom, he cannot be one hundred percent sure because he was only a child after all and society tells us that children have a tendency to “see things” or that they have overactive imaginations.

This I find extremely perplexing because if you know you have seen something of the paranormal like a spirit why do you allow what others think on the subject to interfere with your decision to accept your own experience as the truth? It does not matter if you are a child or an adult, seeing something first hand should usually be enough to make you believe.

We are conditioned as adults to disregard childish notions of the mythical or magical. We know Santa Claus is a make-believe character and so is the Easter Bunny. But does that mean that all other unexplained phenomena are also not real? Some things you can discount with common sense and some well placed logic such as crop circles and alien abductions.

The mere notion that supposedly super-intelligent beings like aliens would spend any time whatsoever in backward parts of our country wandering around in fields cutting down crops or kidnapping hillbillies is so ludicrous as to merit slack-jawed bewilderment or guffaws of insulting laughter.

The paranormal activity that seems more likely to me is ghost activity. There have just been way too many eyewitness accounts reporting encounters or sightings of spirits and poltergeists. Whether or not these phantasms are malevolent and are capable of harming humans is still up in the air (no pun intended).

That they exist is fairly certain and you just have to turn on the television any night of the week and channel surf a bit to find several reality type shows where one group of ghost hunters or another are locked in some abandoned mental facility or haunted mansion wandering around with infrared night vision scopes and heat detectors.

I am very skeptical of these types of shows in general. If spotting extra-sensory activity were so commonplace that you could find ghosts every time you went out we would be literally over run with malevolent spirits.

The paranormal activity recorded by these ratings seekers cannot be taken seriously for that same reason. Anyone with an ulterior motive cannot say they are making a real documentary.

There was a movie that came out in 2009 called “Paranormal Activity”. It was made on a very low budget but audiences around the world screamed in delight at this scary flick.