The Great Fruit Fly Bait: Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar that tastes like apple? It might sound kind of weird, but it does exist. It also, in small doses, makes for a more pleasant tasting combination that you might think. After all, it’s not like anyone eats vinegar straight up, that’s just gross.

The thing is, apple cider vinegar is not so different from regular old vinegar. It just happens to be vinegar that’s made from apple cider instead of fermenting other ingredients like malt, grape juice or even sugar cane.

So the end product is still quite sour and harsh, even if it came from something sweet, and with the right dosage it can enhance your cooking. However, apple cider vinegar specifically has a very useful purpose other than enhancing cooking—getting rid of fruit flies.

Fruit fly infestations can occur in the household when you’ve been leaving food out for long, particularly fruit. Many people keep a fruit bowl out in the kitchen or on the dining room table for decoration as well as convenient snacking.

As the days go by and the fruit gets riper, you might notice a tiny fly or two lurking around. You might swat them away and think of them as little more than a minor annoyance, but you’re wrong. Because there’s no such thing as just one or two fruit flies.

Give it time and soon you’ll have tens, hundreds, and hopefully you’ll do something about the problem before it becomes, God forbid, thousands. Fruit flies love your trash can because it’s full of yummy garbage that they can feed on and lay eggs in. If you don’t clean out your trash often enough, you’re giving the fruit flies permission to stay as long as they want.

So to get rid of fruit flies, the first thing to do is to get rid of all that garbage and old food lying around. You don’t want to give them any more food and shelter. Then, you need to kill the flies that are still hanging around and make sure that they don’t live to reproduce.

This is where apple cider vinegar comes in handy as the bait for your fruit fly trap. Apple cider vinegar smells great to fruit flies, but little do they know that dipping in for a taste will be fatal to them.

Get a jar or bowl, and pour a little apple cider vinegar inside. Cover the jar or bowl with seran wrap and seal it tightly. Poke some small holes into the seran wrap, making sure to pull out slowly so the hole stays small. The flies will enter your trap and be unable to come back out.

If your household is prone to fruit fly infestations, it’ll be useful to keep some apple cider vinegar in the kitchen for future use. Though you might also want to consider cleaning out your kitchen more often as well!