The Best Hair Color Should Compliment Your Skin Color

Have you ever wondered why some people always look sickly, even though they seem to be in the best of health? Have you ever seen someone with a hair color so severe you wonder why they would choose such a look?

The truth is that we are born with a hair color that matches our skin coloring and even the color of our eyes. This is the color that looks most natural, but that can be boring. If you want something new and different, find out about the best hair color for your skin type and the colors that you should avoid unless you want the severe and other-worldly look.

The best hair color for you is your natural color, but you can get really bored with that color, especially if you feel it to be flat and mousey looking. Any blond, brown, or red can be dull and lifeless.

If you want something to look better, but don’t want to stray away from your natural color too far, look for a color that is of the same family, but a little lighter or a little darker. That is pretty easy to accomplish and easy for most people to pick out on their own. Look at the health of your hair too, as fixing problems with hair health can make any natural color look better.

The trouble starts when you want to change your color completely. You can find the best hair color in a different color family. If you have black or very dark brown hair naturally, you are not going to look good if you go to a platinum blond.

You will probably end up looking washed out and your hair color will look fake no matter how well it was done. If you want blond, go with highlights, which work well at adding blond without it clashing with your skin color, or go with a very dark or dirty blond and try to leave your roots a bit darker. Any salon should be able to help you do this and have it look natural.

Those with light brown hair that want something different find that the best hair color for them is a darker brown or a medium blond. These colors stay near the root color without making you look like you have made a huge change. You too can add highlights.

If you want to go red, go for a deeper red rather than a carrot top red unless you are sure that color works for you. You can always find a wig of that color to try on. See how it works with your skin tone. Anyone going to black so be aware that black without high and low lights looks fake. You can do it, just get a professional to help you so that it looks as natural as possible.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking of the best hair color for you is to think about your makeup routine and your wardrobe. If you go red from brown, some of the colors that looked good on you won’t any longer, meaning you may not be able to wear half of your clothing items.

That can hit you in the purse. Some colors just naturally look better with certain hair colors. Find out which ones to decide if you feel comfortable with those colors and even revamping your clothing and even the color you choose for makeup each day.