Sun Java 2 Has Everything You Need For an Enterprise Level Business

Java is an object oriented programming language invented by Sun Micro Systems Inc. in the early 1980s. At that time, the virtues of object oriented design and development was just emerging in the computer field while the Internet was taking hold of the imagination of the world.

Java was originally designed to create programs that could be run within a browser, for such applications as games, utilities, and more highly functional programs that simple HTML with a scripting language such as Javascript could not adequately represent.

Recognizing its edge in the area of browser contained programs, Sun Micro Systems went full force into developing a complete set of supporting libraries that would reduce programming effort time and enable distributed processing, a capacity that was now possible with the prevalence of the Internet.

The result was a package of Java program libraries that would cover the entire spectrum of needs for distributed, networked data processing. The recent results is the “Sun Java 2 Enterprise Edition”.

Java runs in what is called a virtual machine. This virtual machine appears like a computer machine. It accepts Java coded instructions, segments memory, creates a stack on which instructions reside, and uses a virtual processor to execute these instructions.

The virtual machine is actually an interpreter written for a specific processor. As long as a machine has the interpreter, it can execute any Java program. This means a Java program will run on an Apple in the same way that it would run on a PC or a Sun workstation, making the program portable across systems.

All modules of Sun Java 2 are placed into libraries. Each library will contain related programs and functions. For instance, Sun Java 2 comes with the basic core programs for arithmetic and string operations, file operations, graphics handling and networking. In addition, libraries are provided with programs to handle audio, images, applets (programs that must be run in a browser).

All these programs provide mostly everything you’ll need to write a functional program, such as a general journal, a customer maintenance program, a products catalog program. With the use of its network modules, you can distribute your programs among different machines, such that, for instance, the general ledger is maintained by one server while the general journal is maintained by another, the two communicating over a network.

Sun Java 2 is an enterprise level system because it provides for this distribution while addressing the needs that arise from using a distributed configuration. It comes with libraries for security, for management, for deployment, for messaging, for transactional integrity across multiple systems involved in a single transaction, for logging, and for data base access. It provides a packaging strategy to group applications and a security mechanism for assuring integrity of code and data.

Sun Java 2 is a complete software development system that can be used with one of a number of software development environments. Sun provides its own “NetBeans” product for development of enterprise level application, while IBM and BEA have also devised development environments based on Java 2. Sun also provides a free reference administration tool to manage an enterprise using the system.

What’s nice about this software system is that it’s all free! You can download everything you need from Sun, even its administration tool. This is the best place to start, to get a feel for it. After some testing, we’re sure you’ll find the Sun Java 2 Enterprise Edition everything you’ve ever wanted out of a software package designed to do enterprise level business. Give it a download now!