Summer Jobs For Teens Who Want to Work

My first summer job was washing ambulances (exterior only) for a private ambulance company in the city. I would go there after school and work for three to four hours each day. Most days were very bitter cold and my hands and feet would get numb. This was a tough job but I had to make some pocket money if I was to have any kind of life at at all.

Another great summer job I had was to valet park cars for a mortuary in one of the older neighborhoods in the city. That job was actually fun and I learned a lot, and not just about cars either.

There are great summer jobs for teens who really want to work. You need to be creative and always be on the lookout for opportunities. If you have a vehicle you could be a pizza delivery guy (or gal) and they make pretty decent money on tips.

One of the most fun and best summer jobs for teens is as a dog walker. Call you friends and neighbors who live nearby and ask if you could walk their dogs for them. You could charge around five dollars an hour for this job from each dog owner.

This can add up pretty fast but don’t take on too many dogs in the beginning. It is hard to handle more than three dogs at once if you are not experienced. You need to find a dog park or a dog run near your home that you can let the dogs run around in. Make sure to bring plenty of baggies to pick up after them and a tennis ball and some doggie treats are always appreciated.

Another great job and one that always needs doing is washing cars. Go around to the neighbor’s homes and let them know that you will be washing cars on weekends or after school. For this job you can charge ten dollars per vehicle and try and get done as quick as you can, usually one hour per car is about right. On a hot summer Saturday morning you could pick up an extra thirty or forty dollars and get a workout to boot.

One of the all-time classic summer jobs for teens is one that you can actually do year round and that is babysitting. Babysitting is usually for the girls but even boys can do it if they are mature and responsible enough. Once the kids go to sleep you can study quietly or get some of the required reading done.

Babysitting is usually paid for in nightly increments. Depending on how many kids (and how intolerable they are) you can charge from $20 to $50 per evening of babysitting. You don’t want to price yourself out of a job either so you should ask the parents how much they are willing to pay. It may be more than you would quote. If they give you too low a number you need to gently remind them how much your time is worth.

Great summer jobs for teens are out there, you just need to be creative and go out and get them.