Cellulaze: Revolutionary NEW Treatment For Cellulite


Since its FDA approval in 2012, Cellulaze has rapidly become one of the hottest beauty crazes. The procedure is minimally invasive but can dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite with just one single treatment, and the results are long-lasting with some physicians even claiming the results are permanent.

It is backed up with 2 years of intensive clinical research. Studies have shown that Cellulaze increases skin thickness by 22% and skin elasticity by 32%. More elastic and thicker skin will smooth out and flatten the skin, greatly improving the skin's surface and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

What Are Doctors Saying About Cellulaze..?

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What is Cellulaze?

Cellulaze is a laser treatment for cellulite based on the SmartLipo TriPlex platform of Cynosure corporation. The technology is similar to Smartlipo, in that it uses a laser to melt fat and heat tissue.

Since cellulite is a condition right under the skin surface, the technology has been developed to specifically treat the structures just under the skin that cause cellulite. These are:

  • Bulging fat that causes the mounds or hills of cellulite.
  • The restrictive bands or septae that pull the skin down. The combination of dimples and bulges is characteristic of the worst condition of cellulite. Some women just have small ripples or ridges of uneven tissue.
  • Thin, loose, inelastic skin. Ultrasound shows that the fat actually bulges into thinned out skin.

The unique Cellulaze laser fires "sideways" at 1440 nm, a wavelength very favorable for melting fat and heating skin. The FDA required 3-D pictures to show that the cellulite was reduced before it was approved.

How Exactly Does Cellulaze Reduce Cellulite?

Extremely Safe in Use

In addition, the Cellulaze laser system is safe and does not cause any skin burns even though it is purposely heating the undersurface of the skin.

The safety lies in a computerized heat sensing mechanism in the tip of the laser that instantly measures the heat of the tissue at the tip. The operator sets the machine for the highest desired temperature compatible with heating skin at the operative site and a temperature cut-off that will stop the laser from firing if the temperature is reached.

In use, the laser stops pulsing until the skin cools down, then resumes pulsing. The maximum number of pulses is also set based on clinical studies, and when that amount of energy has been delivered, the machine stops.

The result: smooth skin, decreased or absent dimpling or depressions, no bulges, and skin that thickens up to 25%.

Post-operative ultrasound shows that the fat no longer bulges into the dermis. Patient satisfaction in the clinical studies was 93% and results have been stable for at least two years so far. (read more - www.enhanced-you.com)

The final verdict? Based on these reviews 71% (at time of writing) of Cellulaze patients are pleased with the results - the average cost of treatment is $5,775.

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