Zap That Unsightly Cellulite on Your Thighs and Butt


Do You Hate The Way You Look When Undressed?

Are you too self conscious and embarrassed to wear shorts or a short skirt because of unsightly cellulite on your upper thighs? No matter what you try those wrinkled dimples are still there and just won't budge.

Almost 90% of all women over the age of twenty will suffer from cellulite fat deposits around their bodies, in particular the buttocks, hips and thighs. It affects women of all ages and sizes, you can be overweight or 'stick thin' slim, even supermodels and athletes have cellulite.

But before deciding on any form of treatment, whether it be the latest anti-cellulite topical cream or expensive salon visits - take a few minutes to read through these pages, you'll find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions and we'll discuss the pros and cons of available treatments.

It's important to remember that you're not the only one, millions of women suffer from cellulite, and you shouldn't stress yourself out or beat yourself up about having it.

So What Exactly Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by uneven fatty tissue beneath the skin. More specifically, cellulite is due to the fibrous connective tissues that connect the skin to the muscles below, and these tissues have an internal fat layer.

When fat cells build up, they push upward against the skin layer, while the connective tissues continue pulling downward. This is what creates the dimpling and uneven appearance on the surface.

Many people refer to cellulite and its trademark appearance as cottage cheese skin because of the lumpy texture. That being said, cellulite can range in severity, with mild cases only creating a minor pinched appearance. On the other hand, severe case have a much more pronounced rippled appearance especially on the back of the legs, thighs and buttock areas.

In this video Dr Schultz explains exactly what cellulite is, how it forms, and why it predominantly affects only woman of all shapes and sizes and not men.

Several hormones have been found to play a fairly large part in cellulite formation. It is thought that estrogen may be the most dominant hormone to begin the formation of cellulite, as well as aggravate the severity of the condition.

In addition to hormones, there are other factors that have been shown to promote the formation of cellulite. Genetic predisposition, individual distribution of subcutaneous fat, biotype, and deficiencies in the lymphatic and circulatory systems can all worsen the condition of cellulite.

Be Suspicious of Advertisers Claims and Fake Reviews!

There are literally hundreds of anti-cellulite products to choose from, treatments such as creams and gels have become a billion dollar industry with new items hitting the shelves on a regular basis.

And with so many different brands of anti cellulite creams available online, finding one that will work for you will involve some trial and error.

If we are to believe the marketing hype behind many of these products then cellulite could be cured in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of all cellulite treatments do little in the way of providing long term results.

Rule #1: Even if the evidence provided is convincing enough, don't be taken in too easily by what advertisers are saying about 'xyz cellulite removal cream' and always be suspicious of any claims made in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are usually funded by the same company, there is therefore an obvious conflict of interest and you can guarantee that they will be very selective in the data they choose to publish and the data they choose to ignore?

Rule #2: Don't be too trusting of the information provided on many of the smaller (non-ecommerce) review sites - there are hundreds dotted all over the internet. Many of these product review sites appear to be helpful by listing several brands of cellulite creams in a side-by-side comparison table, giving each a star rating.

In reality, only a few of these sites are really genuine in the product reviews they publish, but mostly are not and are biased towards products which pay the publisher the highest referral commissions.

DIY Homemade Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The most common active ingredient in most cellulite reduction creams is caffeine. The theory behind caffeine is that it can actually shrink fat cells and can enhance fat metabolism. But given that doctors agree that most topical creams don't work, and those that do, at best only temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, your best option would be to save your money and look elsewhere.

Alternatively, you could try this homemade anti-cellulite treatment. It won't rid you of your cellulite but it may help to visibly reduce it's appearance temporarily.

  • Half a cup of coffee grinds (used coffee grinds are best)
  • 1 Container with a lid
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin:

Optional items: half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to be used only as a scent and a Saran wrap. Watch the video for instructions.

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