5 Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Complicated Skin

ANTI AGING SKIN SECRETS By Sadie Gillam (Page 3)

Young fashion model Cassandra Bankson has fabulous looking skin, but then at 19 years of age you'd expect all teenage models to have flawless skin.

But what most people can't tell and would never know from seeing her images is that she has lived with acne for most of her teenage years.

In this video Cassandra reveals her own skin care routine along with five anti-aging tips using only natural products - ideal for women of any age and not just for teenagers with complicated skin... 'The cat gets an oscar!'

Video Transcript

I'm going to talk to you about 5 little natural aging-tips that aren't going to break the bank that will hopefully help a lot of people.

Do keep in mind if you have acne this might not be perfect for you, you have to kind off tailor your skins needs, if you have eczema if you have rosacea etc things like that, definitely some of these tips will work for you but be sure that you know a little bit about your skin and what's going to be good for it and what's not.

These are in general five anti-aging tips, hopefully for everyone, but like I said everyone is different so make sure you know where your limits are.

Anti-Aging #1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

So the first anti-aging tip that I personally have is to wash your face with olive oil, and I know that a lot of people are going to go "what are you talking about"..! but let me take a chance to explain.

First off, I really like olive oil for removing makeup I think it's a great makeup remover if you guys try it it's unbelievable. Even if you don't want to put it on your face, put some on your hands and see how it removes, it's unbelievable.

So that really helps to remove products, of course you need to use a cleanser after that to get the oiliness off, but it's a really good thing. Olive oil is also really good for your hair, the reason why is because it conditions, it nourishes and it penetrates.

Same with the skin, olive oil is going to condition, it's going to penetrate, it's going to make your skin really smooth and if you use an all natural olive oil like extra virgin, preferably organic or something without any bi-products and fillers and things like that, it should be really beneficial to your skin

It will help you look radiant, it will help you feel good and hopefully help you remove any cosmetics you have and really just be an anti-aging barrier for you

Anti-Aging #2: Juicing and Vitamin E

The next thing is juicing, and if you guys don't have a juicer just try eating fruits and vegetables. The reason why is because fruits and vegetables are so full of antioxidants, there are a ton of different nutrients in them, minerals, vitamins and things like that, and when you have those in your body those are going to translate into your skin.

You eat those, they get into your blood stream, nourishes your skin, so if you have those antioxidants in your blood they are going to get into your skin and your skin is going to look radiant and fresh.

Also you can snack on foods with vitamin E, such as almonds, the reason why is because vitamin E has been shown that when we eat it, it has a natural SPF.

Of course you should definitely put on SPF to help with anti-aging, wrinkles and things like that. But vitamin E oil helps to plump-up the skin, so if you have a little loss of collagen and if you have a couple of wrinkles, hopefully this will help to plump it up.

Along with water, water and vitamin E can help to plump-up your skin and hopefully act as a little extra SPF factor to protect your skin all over your body.

Anti-Aging #3: Steam Facial Baths

The next thing is taking steam baths, and I personally think that these are amazing. The way I like to do mine is to boil a pot of water and hold a towel over my head.

Be careful because you could get steam burns so don't make it too hot and get it all over your face. But steam facials are amazing for opening everything up and clearing out your pores.

Also if you add essential oils to the water, or if you add eucalyptus or lavender you can breath better. But what's great for the skin is that moisture when it's in steam form it can really penetrate your skin, it really helps to cleanse the skin, it gets into the pores, it nourishes them.

If you have dead skin cells on the top it helps them to fall off easier. It's a great anti-aging tip because it helps with wrinkles, it also helps with the collagen production, it stimulates that, it also helps with moisture and moisture is so essential to getting rid of wrinkles or preventing them in the future.

Anti-Aging #4: Honey Facials

Another tip is honey. I've been giving myself honey facials, honey is great on your skin or in your body. Yes honey can cause a spike in the glycemic index, so if you are diabetic or if you're worried about sugar it's maybe best not to ingest it.

But generally if you have it with tea it's full of antioxidants, just like the foods it's going to really help you, those antioxidants are amazing.

So switch out your regular sweets for honey on something or with something, like honey on bread, figure something out. But what's great about it on the skin, is that honey is an antibacterial. What that means is that it will kill the bacteria that's on your skin. Bacteria can cause a lot off irritation, it can cause a lot of saggy skin, it can cause dark under eye-bags even.

So if you put honey on your skin as per instruction of a honey facial and do it beneficially and correctly, what happens is that your skin can feel plumped up and be kind of cleansed and anti-oxidized, and who doesn't like the feel of a good honey facial.

It's really nice because it's soothing to the skin, it adds the nutrients that you wouldn't normally have, it adds antioxidants, it kills of the bacteria and it feels just amazing.

Anti-Aging #5: Egg Whites

The last tip is eggs, let me tell you egg whites make a great mini facial. You beat up some egg whites and you put them onto your skin. If you put egg whites right here on your skin (around the eyes) wherever you have wrinkles wherever you're a bit loose, you put them on you and let them dry.

Your face is going to feel cakey and you're going to feel like "Oh I want this off". Just let it sit there and let it get really tight, then you can wash it off with warm water, not hot water because you're going to cook the egg on your face. But just warm water, and what happens it really tightens the face especially on the crows feet and under eye bags it will really help.

Those are my anti-aging tips - just 5 tips and tricks, of course there are other things like stop smoking, stop drinking (alcohol) apply moisturizer, exfoliate at night and not during the day, wear sunscreen of-course, those are all great ones. (For more skin care tips visit Cassandra's YouTube channel)

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