Two Cases of Severe Active Acne Treated in Less Than 15 Weeks Without Harsh Oral Medication


After years of active suffering and despite taking multiple antibiotics, injection therapy and over-the-counter topical treatments, nothing could clear up her acne. Although she was fortunate in that she worked for a physician and had access to all the medicines, tried all the standard care for acne treatment but nothing was working.

Her acne was so severe and painful, and seemed untreatable, even her dermatologist gave up on her and refused to return her calls. At that point she turned to Dr. Neal Schwartz for help.

Using topical treatments only without harsh oral medications, in less than 7 weeks of intensive treatment the results are astounding. The inflammation and acne pimples had all but disappeared - in her words "things like you've had for years it goes away in 6 weeks or less".

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The video below was filmed by the client himself, and although it's a little shaky and was filmed sideways in some parts, it still represents an epic physical and emotional transformation using the home version of Dr. Neal's Acne Bootcamp

He was given antibiotics in the form Tetracycline but had an allergic reaction, tried over counter products including Benzoyl peroxide, tried Proactive, but nothing was working for him, the acne was persistent and just kept coming back. After only 15 weeks on Dr. Neal's program the transformation is truly amazing.

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