Killing Acne Bacteria With Antibiotics is Not The Answer: Neutralizing The Acne Environment is!

NATURAL ACNE TREATMENT Contribution By Mike Walden (Page 1)

Is there an alternative to expensive acne medications and lotions that create dependency? Is there such a thing as a natural cure for acne?

Contrary to popular belief, acne bacteria does not cause acne. Infact, acne is not a problem with your skin!

Propionibacterium acnes, or 'P. acne' bacteria, is a bacteria we all have on our skin and is an essential life form. Like all other life forms it fights to survive and sustain itself.

Surprisingly, these microscopic creatures that conventional medicine led us to believe are the cause of acne, are only a small part of the acne puzzle but a vital player in sustaining our inner balance and the health of our skin.

Acne Bacteria Are Not Contagious

Everyone has acne bacteria on their skin, regardless if the individual suffers from acne or not. Streptococcus bacteria, for example, exists in everyone's throat but it doesn't always cause a strep throat or tonsillitis.

Similarly, acne bacteria will not trigger the formation of acne unless the specific conditions or the right 'environment' is created.

It is important to know that so long as the acne bacteria stays in balance with your internal system it will 'mind its own business' and will defend your body from colonization of harmful bacteria.

Acne bacteria feed themselves from the secretions of our sweat and sebaceous glands, and in a balanced biological state, sustains the flexibility of our skin.

'Acne is an environment that forms only when the production of sebum on the skin is excessive. This excessive production of oil is triggered mainly by hormonal imbalance.'

When blood toxins (usually blood toxins that are expelled through the skin) are mixed with this over production of oil, the P.acne invades the hair follicles and begins to multiply. The P. acne multiplies by feeding off the oil using enzymes. As part of this feeding process the acne bacteria produces free fatty acids that irritate the skin.

The body calls on the white and red blood cells to defend itself which often causes an inflammatory response that results in the familiar symptoms of acne: swelling, pus, whiteheads, nodules and pustules.

Killing Acne Bacteria With Antibiotics?

Killing the acne bacteria with antibiotics is a fruitless and destructive approach:

  • Firstly, it upsets the natural balance of the P.acne in our body - antibiotics are not a precision weapon they will also destroy the good bacteria 'Probiotics', eradicating the good probiotic bacteria will enable the intrusion of harmful bacteria onto the skin.
  • Secondly, with frequent intake of antibiotics it will eventually result in the P.acne becoming resistant to antibiotics, and
  • Thirdly, antibiotics don't do anything to stop or change the environment that is responsible for allowing the P.acne to multiply in the first place.

Neutralizing The Acne Environment

The only way to stop acne permanently is to neutralize the acne environment (where the bacteria multiplies and feeds on blood toxins and excessive production of oil).

To stop acne you must balance oil secretion and discharge your body from toxins that have accumulated, and control the nutritional, hormonal, psychological and environmental triggers.

The secret to permanent clear skin is therefore, neutralizing all the factors that are responsible for forming the acne environment while keeping the P. acne bacteria at an optimal balance.

Ask any medical doctor if there is a connection between diet and acne and many will claim that there is none. Quoting from the Journal of the American Medical Association:

"Diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients... even large amounts of certain foods have not clinically exacerbated acne".

Fact is, countless numbers of acne sufferers have reported that their acne seemed to get worse when eating certain foods, they also saw a dramatic positive change over their acne condition when they (a) eliminated these causative foods from their diet, and (b) incorporated foods with specific nutritional value into their diet.

Are Doctors Being Held Hostage?

So why do dermatologists so stubbornly insist that diet does not cause acne? The answer: you can't make a profit promoting a healthy diet. At least not as much money as you could make by selling drugs and topical over-the-counter treatments.

Doctors and dermatologists are under increasing pressure from the powerful drug and pharmaceutical companies to prescribe expensive medications and lotions that create dependency.

The truth is, doctors are in a way being held hostage by the big billion dollar drug and pharmaceutical companies who have enormous financial clout and also sponsor many medical schools?

Although not a solution by itself, in many cases, the right diet can dramatically reduce inflammation and can even clear the acne completely, especially if the acne was triggered by an allergic response to a particular food. But promoting a clear skin diet would simply mean fewer sales and less profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

The truth is conventional topical medications will never completely cure your acne, it's simply because they are unable to remedy the internal causes of acne. They are designed to only treat the external symptoms, thus creating long term dependency and greater 'long term' profits for the pharmaceutical companies.

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Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist and natural health consultant. He is also the author of the current best-selling acne treatment program, a holistic approach to permanently curing acne.
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