Simple Back Exercise Regimen For Office Workers

A desk job to someone who has a weak back can be quite a thing to be stuck with. That’s what most people in such a position end up thinking. It doesn’t have to be that way however. Not unless one is chained to their desk.

The thing is, as much as we seem to love sitting these days, that’s not how our bodies were designed to be. If being at your work station requires you to slouch there, staring at your computer all the time, you can be sure that you are placing quite a bit of stress on all the muscles that support your spine.

At some point, your muscles will stop being able to hold the pose any longer, and will slip a little bit. This is when the discs between your vertebrae will begin to feel little pressure, and expeience pain and stiffness.

Surprisingly, the best thing you can do for a painful back is to take up a bit of back exercise. Actually, you need to take up regular back exercises all through every day that you need to be at your desk.

So you need to get up and move – at least once every half-hour through the entire time that you are at your desk in the office. But that doesn’t mean that you can let your time spent thinking go without any scrutiny.

Offices spend a great deal of money on ergonomic office chairs to help their employees stay healthy. If you’ve been given an ergonomic chair, it’s about time you learned to use it. You need to make sure that the height, the angle, the lumbar tilt, the seat length and every other adjustment allowed is properly set. But an ergonomic chair can’t help you do everything right.

Let’s say that you’re sitting there at your desk and your desk telephone is far to your right. Every time it rings, you twist your body at the waist to reach for it. Now that is a terrible thing to do to your back.

Twisting motions are a no-no. In fact, that’s what that ergonomic office chair of yours swivels for. You are supposed to swivel your whole body, chair and all, to reach for anything. And then, you are to make sure that you sit with your feet flat on the ground.

You need to adjust the height of your chair to make sure that you can do this. And you aren’t supposed to sit with your legs crossed or anything. That places extra stress on your back. But apart from all these, pain that comes from sitting too long at your desk is easily taken care of with a regular back exercise regimen.

Now that you’ve learned that your ergonomic office chair’s your back’s best friend in the office, let’s get on with how you can exercise your back to relax the build-up of tension. Walking is about the cheapest and best exercise you can think of for your back.

It’s a nice, rhythmic, coordinated set of movements that will work everything in your lower back like a good massage does. Yoga and Pilates have great back exercise routines that can strengthen your lower back muscles and make you a lot more flexible too. But remember, lots of people have found injury rather than healing through yoga. You need to be sure that you go slow, and go with a proper certified instructor.