Should You Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

In today’s do-it-yourself world many couples are not turning to experts when it comes to planning and arranging their weddings but instead they are trying to do as much as they can by themselves.

This will certainly result in lower costs, especially when it comes to certain things that common sense tells us can be done simply and cheaply by the couple themselves or their friends and family.

There are definitely some tasks that can be done by the bride and groom in preparation for the Big Day and then there are some that may be more trouble than they are worth. There is also the potential for disaster with some tasks. Whether or not to print your own wedding invitations is one such potential pitfall.

Choosing the site for the reception is something that is usually done by the wedding planner and normally these experts have places already in mind that they use a lot. Finding your own site should not be that difficult though it will require some legwork and some web surfing.

With a little time and effort the happy couple will be rewarded. Just make sure that the place is large enough and that it has a clearly defined dance floor. You don’t want people dancing on carpet all night long, or someplace where the band does not have enough space to set up in.

Picking your own flowers (not literally picking them, but choosing the arrangements) is another potential disaster waiting to happen, the same as whether or not to print your own wedding invitations.

Flowers do not keep very long so you basically have to buy them the day of the wedding. You can, however, pay for the arrangements you choose beforehand and have one of your friends pick them up at the florist the morning of the ceremony.

If you are really penny conscious and you live in a big city such as Los Angeles you should try the Flower Market where you can get wholesale prices. Don’t expect any frills or fancy bouquets though, these you will have to arrange yourself.

Choosing the band is another thing that is usually left to the wedding planner. You can find great bands online and one of the best sites to go to select a band in your area is There are hundreds of bands listed and you can choose the one that is right for you.

Bands then have to submit bids to you based on the information you place on the request bid site. This will definitely save young couples some much needed dollars. One piece of advice: don’t choose one of the top ranked bands but rather one of the ones that may not rank as high but has the song list you want to hear.

If you choose to print your own wedding invitations, make sure that you have at least two of your smartest friends proof read it before getting all the invites printed. Since printing them out on your laser printer would be cheesy, we need to assume that the only do it yourself part about having to print your own wedding invitations is choosing the printer and maybe designing the graphic art that will go on it.

Most experts will vehemently argue against going this one alone. It is too tricky and you really need to let an experience designer, which your local print shop will probably have on staff. You may need to pay a little more but you will be assured of professionally produced invites.