Should You Give Up On Your Troubled Marriage?

Commitment is easy to make when you are happy, in love, and saying ‘I do’ on your wedding day. The words ‘for better or worse’ are easy to say when you feel as if your love is going to last forever, and you have had nothing but great times with your love.

However, what happens when the ‘worse’ part comes into play? Do you bail on your commitment? Are there times when it is okay to so do without regret? Have you take the idea of a marriage to be something other than what it was meant to be? What would you do if you were in a troubled marriage?

It is easy to commit when your relationship has been nothing but love, fun, and great memories. Any relationship that goes on for a while is going to run into a trouble spot. Even the strongest loves are tested once in a while.

Those that have been happy for years on end find themselves in a troubled marriage and are not sure what to do. When is it safe to bail? That depends on a few things. How hard should you try to save your troubled marriage? The answer is complicated and yet simple at the same time.

You should never want to walk away from a troubled marriage until you know you have done all that you can to save it using both love and integrity. This can be very hard to do as people have a way of really hurting the ones that they love the most.

If you walk always from your troubled marriage too quickly, you are going to regret it when your initial anger passes. Do you want to live your life wondering if you make the right choice or do you want to be sure before you go? However, in the cases of abuse of any type towards you or your children, walking away is the only good choice you can make.

If you have a troubled marriage because your spouse cheated on you, or perhaps they spend thousands of dollars of your savings without telling you, you are very angry. There are a number of different things that can make a spouse want to throw in the towel.

These things can hurt, and they can hurt badly. You may want to bolt. Perhaps you should, but don’t make any ‘forever’ choices right away. Tell your spouse you need some time to think, and then take it. It can be very painful, but working through problems (if both are willing) can lead to an even better marriage than ever before.

A troubled marriage is never fun, and it can really be defeating to try to work on things with someone who just does not understand what they did or how much you hurt. If you can, see if they will go with you to a therapist to talk about your trouble marriage.

Perhaps you will find that you really want to get away and end it, or you may find that you know the love is still there and you are willing to work to save it. Whatever you do, make sure your troubled marriage is really over before you go. That way you can move ahead in your life with no regrets or ‘what ifs.’ You’ll be much happier for it.