Settle in For Some Dating Advice

You’re interested in putting yourself out there and finding the love of your life. Maybe you are just interested in unwinding and having fun for now. Regardless, when you make the decision to start dating, it is often unpredictable and uncharted territory. That does not mean you’re going in blind. Here is some never fail dating advice for those of you getting out to go out: know when to settle!

First, it is important that you not be afraid to settle in the beginning. This does not mean you should date jerks at first and work your way up to a prize. What this piece of dating advice seeks to convey is that you should not get held up by the image of an ideal partner as you date around.

You may have a type in mind, but that does not mean that you won’t find an excellent connection with someone who possesses characteristics you may never have realized you were attracted to. Artificial defining lines like age, weight, and height can serve as blinders to more important qualities, like integrity, sense of humor and kindness. In other words, settle your preconceived notions about what an ideal partner should be.

Second, don’t actually settle in the long term. As you begin dating, it may seem easy to take “good enough” as your mate. Don’t do it. This is not to say that you should expect perfection from the people you date, but it is to say that you should not put up with people that make you feel bad about yourself, your life, or your friends and family.

Perhaps the penultimate dating advice is that one should do what makes them happy. The idea is that you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else, and if the person you’re with is undermining the former, then perhaps it is time to move on.

Third, don’t be in a rush to settle down. Dating advice is usually geared towards finding the perfect someone to spend the rest of your life with. However, the pressure surrounding holy matrimony can cloud your judgment and complicate relationships that were going well beforehand.

This doesn’t mean you should table the idea of marriage, but perhaps it is time to stop putting that life event on a pedestal. When dating, the best advice you can embrace is to seek out what makes you happy.

If the person you end up dating loves you and you love them and you’re having a good time together, it is not necessary to make the situation into something else by campaigning for vows. Live in the now!