Learning to Heal Thyself : Being The Best You Can Be (30 Minute Meditation)


Learning to Heal Thyself - "In our pursuit of well being, prosperity and peace of mind we spend so much time and energy trying to find something that will fill the void in our lives and make us complete. The tragedy of our pursuit is the one place we rarely look for that something is inside ourselves. Our whole lives we have been taught to look to the outside for our solutions.

So it rarely dawns on us that what we ache for, what we need in our lives inside us. Almost everything about our modern technological world draws our attention to something outside, so we learn to value the external and as a consequence we develop the habit of having little regard for what lies within. This means we miss out on the amazing offerings of the mind and the opportunity to experience greater levels of self awareness.

As a result of the many inducements offered by the material world, we have learned to take so many things for granted and lost that sense of wonder about the precious gift of life. The more we examine the wonder of life the more we realize its wonder and magic is only made possible because of the subtle dance between the internal and external worlds, so why is it we spend so little time celebrating what lies within?

The experience offered to you now will help you restore balance by encouraging a celebration of that which lives within. You will learn how to bring together the power and the subtlety of the mind and the body, the two most amazing and potent forces on earth." - thereachapproach.co.uk

Being The Best You Can Be - Being the best that we can be is all life asks of any of us. We're not here to compete with anyone else. We're here to find our own meaning and purpose and to use all the gifts and talents we've been given to fulfill that promise. Listen to this brief recording regularly and you'll be touched and moved in such a way that a quiet strength will rise up in you inspiring you to claim your destiny... happiness and well-being are yours for the taking.

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