Negative Words That Can Harm and Should be Avoided (Louise Hay Interview Part 3)


So if you're giving out a feeling of "I'm Ok, I'm good enough as I am" and "I'm acceptable" and "I love life" and "I love me" and you start having gratitude for yourself and for life, then life treats you differently because you are having a different vibration that you're giving out and getting back, and that's when things really start to flow.

Now a lot of people don't realize it but you have to practice, you just have to start it and that's why I try to get people to do a lot of mirror work.

If you look in the mirror, just simple things like looking in the mirror in your own eyes and say "I love you", "I really, really love you" and it helps if you use your name "Louise I love you, I really love you". It gets to that little child inside that has been rejected for so long and it breaks open a dam or a door or whatever you want to call it, and it's like little miracles start to happen, lots of little good things happen.

The universe loves grateful people, the more grateful you are the more you get to be grateful about, it's that simple. Life is really very simple we make it enormously complicated but it doesn't have to be.

The Spiritual Journey

Everybody is on a journey from the time we're born to the time we leave. But when we go on a spiritual journey it seems to be more conscious, and we begin to make conscious choices about life instead of just going on, and getting up in the morning and doing our stuff and then going to bed.

We begin to make conscious choices of our thoughts and our actions, and even the foods we eat and things like that, and it's putting your foot on the pathway one step at a time. Some of us do very devious journeys and we take lots of little sidetracks and we don't get very far really, and some of us are very conscientious about it and go one step after another and go closer to our pathway.

To me I think enlightenment is letting go of all the things we believe that are not benefiting us in life, or are barriers to our life to the good things in life, and to release them one by one and to think "I don't have to believe that anymore" or "Do I want to believe that anymore" and making a conscious choice.

When we can understand that every single thing we believe has been a choice, and it may or may not be true. It can be true for you (speaking to person 1) and not for you (speaking to person 2), because it's your belief system (person 1) and your belief system (person 2), and then I have my belief system.

I say a lot "That may be true for you it's not true for me", I may not say that out loud, but people are doing things or saying things, and I think that to myself a lot. And also it has nothing to do with me, because I'm under the law of my own consciousness, this is my pathway and you have your pathway (person 1), you have yours (person 2), everybody does.

So we're all on a journey, and I think the more conscientious we are about it, the more conscious choices we make the better our journey is, or the easier or the swifter, or we get more goodies, or we have better health all that stuff.

Negative Words

When I was beginning to work with people in the early days I paid very close attention to what people said and it became a habit with me and I still do, I listen to what people say... you know, the words they're using and everything, and so often I think "Oh... if you just wouldn't use those words, If you just take those three words out of your vocabulary" because people use negative words a lot, same ones over and over again.

Yes I hear words, much more than other people...

(Question) What words would you take out of the vocabulary?

Well "Should" to begin with, that's a big one, because every time you say "Should" you're making yourself wrong. Either you were wrong, or you are wrong, or you're going to be wrong. So take that one out completely, and just a lot of negative expressions that people use... "I'm not good enough" or "This will never work" or "Oh it's a rotten day".

There's just tons of expressions and we use them over and over again, and they don't do us any good at all.

Gravel You Can Handle

Everybody's journey is individual because we start from different places, so we can't all be having the same journey. But I think we all get certain "Aha's" and that's when we sort of learn something, we say "Oh... Ok" and then if we can keep that what we've learned and practice it, then we've made another step and we can move forward.

Yes it's a life time journey and we never stop learning. I'm eighty and I'm still learning. though the lessons are easier now than they used to be.

I like to think of it, when we start we have all these boulders in front of us on our pathway, and we start to get the boulders out of the way, and you finally get to the point were it's gravel, and gravel you can handle. You can sweep gravel and you can do things. Then occasionally there's an old boulder and you think "Oh I thought I had that one", but not completely.

Also I think that when we learn lessons we think "Oh I've learned that one it will never happen again, I've done that and that's it". Well how do you know you've done it unless it comes by once more and see how you react... Have you really learned it?... Is it really nothing for you?... Have you gone beyond that?... Or are you going to go right back into the same old reaction?

You see we're never wrong, we need to learn that. We're always doing the best we can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge we have at that moment.

Let it Roll

I have a very firm belief that "Only good lies before me", and with that belief it doesn't matter what comes because it will be only good, and I want it to be new and different and exciting. I'm in my eighties now and do things that are happening. So, Just let it roll.

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