When You Learn How Positive Affirmations Work Miracles Can Happen (Louise Hay Interview Part 2)


Making it really a habit and doing it every day, doing something every morning when you wake up that's a really good time, another good time is when you go to sleep at night.

And gratitude works a lot, just being grateful for everything. I always say the universe loves gratitude, the more you're grateful for what the good is in your life, the more good you get to be grateful about.

It's like somebody gives you a present or gives me a present and I say "Oh my god I hate that color and it doesn't fit"... that person will ever give me another present. But if you say "Oh It's wonderful" and "Thankyou I really adore it, it's great" that persons is probably going to want to buy you a present every time they see something they think you would like, and it's like that with the universe. The universe loves gratitude.

"Only Good Lies Before Me"

If you have very strong beliefs within you that you don't deserve good things in your life, and a lot of people have that, then there can be delays, and sometimes people say "Well affirmations don't work, I've done them".

But when they're doing for instance prosperity affirmations, and they've done some prosperity affirmations and the say "It doesn't work nothing's happening" and I say alright how many prosperity affirmations did you do in a day and they'll say 3 probably, and I'll say how many poverty affirmations did you do this day, and that could be 300, depending on where you're coming from and what is running through your mind.

One of my thoughts about life is that "Only good lies before me" and I've been saying this for many years, so it doesn't really matter to me what happens in life because I know it's going to be good.

When You Learn How it Works Miracles Happen

Well there are lots of things that you can do to help you become more conscious of what is going on, and because so many of our belief systems really are unconscious or subconscious, we're not aware of them, they're just things that were bred into us as we were children, is to take a little time to figure out what they are.

I always say a really good exercise is to take a big sheet of paper and write on top of it say "What I think about men" and then another one "What I think about women", "What I think about money", "What I think about..." any subject you can think of. And just write all the things that come out of your thoughts, and whether they sound good or not just write them down.

Any one subject, if you just write them all down and then look at them, and see how many are positive and how many are negative, and if you can take those negative ones and turn them around and make them into positive affirmations, then you can start clearing up what you believe about say money that is not positive for you... or is keeping you from bringing money in.

You can do that with lots of things in your life, so you can really begin to realize what you do believe about these things. So you can't change your thoughts if you don't know what your thoughts are.

There is a law of thinking and we're beginning to learn about it and it is like a computer. If you have this computer put in front of you and you don't know what to do with it, it's a piece of junk. But if you learn the language of the computer, miracles happen. That is what the law of thinking is, when you learn how it works miracles happen.

What you think, and what you believe is what will come true for you. Your thoughts create your life, it's that simple, and when we can get that we can make enormous changes.

Loving Yourself

Well I think it really starts with realizing that you don't love yourself, that most people don't, most people feel they're not good enough, that they haven't done it right, they won't do it right, there will never be enough, and they're definitely not lovable. And when we come from that space it's very hard to create things for ourselves that are really good.

In the early days when I worked with people, I used to fix this problem and fix that problem and you'd have this a health thing and we'd work on that and we'd work on this, and one day I discovered much to my amazement that if I would help people learn to love themselves, to really accept themselves as they are, we didn't have to work on our problems because it was almost like a miracle, everything seemed to fall away.

It's a hard one for people because we grow up believing that we're not good enough and nothing is right. I remember lots of times I would ask people "Well what is really wrong with you, what have you done that is so terrible that you're not acceptable to yourself" and I never, ever, ever got an answer that made any sense. They might say something like "I'm too fat"... Well... So..?

When you talk about loving yourself a lot of people think that that's vanity, but it isn't really it has nothing to do with that, that is narcissistic, but to really care for you and to acknowledge that you are an important being it's almost like in the bible they would say you recognize that you are a child of god, therefore you are perfect.

But even if you're not a biblical person, if you can recognize that you are a being that has self worth, if you can really recognize your own worth, then you start to treat yourself differently.

And I think that's what so very important about loving yourself, is you stop beating yourself up, you stop making yourself wrong, you stop talking about how awful you are, and you stop saying things like "I'm really stupid" and you start to treat yourself with a certain amount of respect, and this makes an enormous difference because what you give out in life is what comes back to you.

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