How to Use EFT Tapping For Weight Loss (part 2)

EFT TAPPING THERAPY By Mike Leigh (Page 10)

As always please remember to take control of your own emotional and physical well being. Now we're going to start tapping. Tap on the side of your hand which we call the karate chop point, and repeat after me...

Karate Chop: Even though I have such an intense craving for this chocolate
I love and accept myself
Even though it smells so good and I have to have it
I accept where I'm at and I'm open to letting go
Even though I know it's not good for me
But right now I just don't care
I have to have it and no-one can stop me not even you
I accept myself
Even though I love chocolate and it makes me feel good and comforted
I love and accept myself and I'm open to the possibilities of letting go
I'm remembering my goals and feeling good about my choices
And that I have control over what I eat
Top of the Head: I love chocolate
Eyebrow: I have to have it
Side of the Eye: It smells so good
Under the Eye: This craving for chocolate
Under the Nose: This craving for chocolate
Chin: I feel like I need it
Collarbone: I feel like I can't live without it
Under the Arm: I feel like I can't breathe without it

Top of the Head: It makes me feel good but I don't know why
Eyebrow: It provides comfort for me
Side of the Eye: I can't give this up
I've been eating it forever
It's my go to food
Under the Eye: You can't make me
Under the Nose: What will I eat instead
Chin: Nothing else makes me feel good
Collarbone: I love the way it melts in my mouth
Under the Arm: This is my special treat
And I'm not so willing to let it go
I've worked really hard all day
And I deserve it

Top of the Head: Maybe it is OK to let it go
Eyebrow: I'm remembering my goals
It's important for me to feel good
Side of the Eye: I'm starting to relax and let go
Under the Eye: Why am I so attached to this
Under the Nose: I'm letting go of the constant judgment
And criticism of myself
Chin: I can have this if I want
But do I really want it
Or does it feel like I have to
Collarbone: I'm safe to let it go
Just acknowledging how I'm feeling
Maybe I can just relax
And come back to it later if I want
Under the Arm: I'm letting go
Wrists: I'm feeling calmer more relaxed
As I release the need
I have control to let it go

Take a big deep breath in (and breathe out) see how that feels.

Are you feeling more relaxed? Take your food item again, if you don't have it with you just imagine it, get all your senses going. How does it taste, how does it smell? Imagine all of that. Is the intensity the same or has it changed? Can you walk away from it or is the intensity pretty strong?

The most typical response people feel is as though they deserve these treats and they'll feel deprived of good things if they can't have it. So we're going to address another round here. Check your craving level again on a scale of 0 - 10. See where your at, and we're going to start tapping again.

Tap on the side of your hand and repeat after me...

Karate Chop: Even though I really deserve this treat
I love and accept myself
Even though I've worked really hard all day and I deserve a treat
I accept how I feel about this
Even though I was often rewarded as a child with treats
Either for doing a good job or to cheer me up
I deserve it now
You can't take it away from me
Otherwise I'll feel punished
I accept that this was part of my past
But I can change it in any time
Even though I will feel deprived if I can't have it
I love and accept myself
And I know there are other ways of rewarding myself other than food
The truth is I typically feel lousy after I eat it
I love and accept myself
And I'm open to seeing this differently
Top of the Head: I really deserve this
Eyebrow: I have worked really hard today I do deserve it
Side of the Eye: Please don't take this away from me
It's the only thing I have after a hard day
Under the Eye: I'm used to being rewarded for a job well done
Under the Nose: I'm used to celebrating with a treat
Chin: I'm used to soothing myself with food
Collarbone: I don't know any other way
Under the Arm: I deserve this

Top of the Head: It's true I do deserve something
Eyebrow: But maybe I deserve good things
The things that make me feel good
The things that energize me
Side of the Eye: Not things that make me feel bad
Under the Eye: When I was younger people did their best
By feeding me to comfort me
They didn't know any better
Under the Nose: And I forgive them for that
But I know better now
I know that I want to feel good
That's a priority for me
Chin: I deserve to feel good
Collarbone: I'm letting go
Under the Arm: I feel empowered to let go
I have control over my body and my health
And the choices I make each and every day
Wrists: Peace

Take a big deep breath in again (and breathe out).

Once again see what your craving level is. Notice what's coming up for you, are you being triggered by anything? Any thoughts or feelings that are coming up?

Obviously we can't address every issue here in a short video, but there are so many common themes. Pay attention to your thoughts and continue tapping until the craving does go down significantly, or goes away completely.

Be honest with yourself and your feelings and talk it through while tapping. It will relax you and change the way you view life, your body and your health. Let it go and keep on tapping.

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