How to Use EFT Tapping For Physical Pain (part 2)

EFT TAPPING THERAPY By Mike Leigh (Page 8)

We're going to start by tapping on the karate chop point, which is the side of the hand. You can use either hand. So start by tapping and I want you to repeat after me, and I want you to say...

Karate Chop: Even though I have this terrible pain
I love and accept myself
Even though I'm really in a lot of pain here
And I'm so frustrated because it's really getting in the way of what I want to do
I accept who I am and I'm open to letting go
Even though this pain is so debilitating at times
I'm open to the possibilities of releasing the pain and letting go
Even though sometimes it's hard to love and accept myself
Especially when I'm experiencing so much discomfort
I'm accepting were I'm at now
So I can finally let go and move on
Top of the Head: All this pain
Eyebrow: All this pain
Side of the Eye: I'm so frustrated because it doesn't seem to be getting better
Under the Eye: I can really feel it in my **** (back or knees, put in whatever feels right for you)
Under the Nose: This stabbing, throbbing or aching pain in my ****.
Chin: I'm in a great deal of pain here all the time
Collarbone: Sometimes it's hard to do normal everyday activities
Under the Arm: Like climbing the stairs
Putting on my shoes
Cutting my food with a fork and knife

Top of the Head: All this frustration
Eyebrow: I can barely remember what it feels like to feel good
Side of the Eye: And nothing seems to help
Under the Eye: It feels so helpless
Under the Nose: I feel helpless
And at times even hopeless
Chin: I'm open to accepting where I'm at
Collarbone: It's time for me to move forward
Under the Arm: I'm open to letting go of the pain

Top of the Head: I'm releasing the pain in my ****
Eyebrow: I can feel my **** relaxing
Side of the Eye: The inflammation is coming down
Under the Eye: I am releasing the emotions
Which might really be contributing to this pain
Under the Nose: I'm releasing all of the anger and the fears
Chin: I love how my body responds to my calm voice
Collarbone: I'm open to healing and forgiving
Under the Arm: This is just the beginning
I'm just getting started and the possibilities are endless
Wrists: My whole body feels calmer
More relaxed as I let it go

And I want you to take a big deep breath in... and let it go.

So now you should be feeling nice and relaxed, the tapping really helps to calm and relax you. Think about if any thoughts came up for you, any feelings any emotions, if so you might want to keep tapping on those things.

If any emotions came up for you or if any events came to surface that might be contributing to the pain for you, it's good to go through and tap on that again. I want you to go through and tune into that pain, feel that pain that you were experiencing before we started tapping.

If it was your back or your knee, or a headache, has it changed at all? Has it moved? Check the intensity on it again. Is it lower, is it gone, has it gotten worse?

If it's still there go through and tap again saying things like "Even though I still have this remaining pain in my **** I deeply and completely love myself"

Tap through all the points again, do it however feels comfortable for you. You can even tap on the same points, tap on every point and say the same thing at every point. And just say "This remaining headache" or "This remaining back pain" just until it dissipates.

Sometimes you really need to examine what is at the cause of the pain, and other times it might dissipate very easily. The bottom line is that you should keep tapping.

You can do it any time of day you can do it many times a day, you can't do it too often and it will really help to relax you, whether it be from physical pain or emotional pain, the possibilities are endless.

Have faith and confidence and keep on tapping.

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