Lucid Dreaming For Treating Recurrent Nightmares


An extremely effective way of overcoming nightmares is to deal with them directly whilst you are still in a dream state, whilst the nightmare is unfolding in your subconscious and beginning to threaten you.

There is a growing body of psychological research, indicating that lucid dreaming techniques can be used effectively in treating people suffering from recurrent nightmares. Also known as lucid dream therapy (LDT), these dream techniques have been used in treating post traumatic stress disorder.

Jonah Haas has been practicing lucid dreamer for many years, and in this video he shares the techniques he uses to overcome frightening nightmares.

Video Transcript

Hi all it's Jonah and I'm back with another edition of advanced lucid dreaming techniques. This edition is all about overcoming nightmares.

Many people have touted lucid dreams as excellent ways to overcome your fears and dispel recurring nightmares. So today I'm going to talk about how you actually do that. Now there are three possible actions if you find yourself lucid in a nightmare.

The first one is to wake yourself up, this is the least desirable thing you can do. The second thing is to confront your nightmare, this is more desirable than waking yourself up, but not quite as desirable as the third possibility which is, transforming your nightmare.

Waking From a Nightmare

Now lets say you find yourself in a nightmare, you're being chased by something scary and you realize that you are dreaming, you can wake yourself up, you don't have to be in the nightmare anymore.

So one of my methods for waking myself up is 'Stop, Drop and Roll'. Stop where you are, fall to the ground and roll around, and close your eyes, then when you open them, usually I find myself back in my bed.

Confronting Your Nightmare

If you consider nightmares to be messages from our psyche or our subconscious that are vying for spotlight in our awareness, that have something to tell us, and it's urgent that's why it's packaged in the form of a nightmare. Then nightmares actually want to be heard, they want to be listened to.

And so you can do this by... if you are being chased by something in your dreams turn around and confront it. Ask it what it wants, if it attacks you go ahead and attack it back. Show it that you're ready to stand up for yourself, that you don't want it to control you anymore.

But this is actually not the most desirable method for dealing with nightmares, because nightmare characters are aspects of ourselves that are embodiments of fears, will actually feed off of negative energy.

So if you attack it back with sort of negative intention to harm it, you can actually make it stronger, and you are not interested in doing that.

Transforming Frightening Nightmares

Your most desirable course of action is to transform the nightmare. I've done this by visualizing white energy in my hands and projecting it at my nightmare image and I've had great results with this.

Other times... There was one dream where a werewolf was coming at me and instead of turning and running from it, or instead of fighting it, I embraced it and danced with it, and looked at its face and it had a big toothy smiley grin on its face. We danced for the rest of the dream and It was beautiful and since then I've never had a nightmare about werewolves.

So find interesting creative ways of transforming your nightmares, confronting them, learning what the message that it has for you is, and you may find that those nightmare images will just go away or transform into beautiful expressions of who you are.

(For more lucid dreaming techniques visit Jonah's YouTube channel).

In this last video Tim Post, who has trained countless individuals around the world to attain dream awareness in dreams, gives an insight into the emerging science of lucid dreaming and unveils the potential power of using lucid dreams in nightmare treatment, enhance psychological development and improve overall well-being.

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