Lucid Dreaming For Beginners Step by Step (part 3): Staying Inside a Dream and Staying Lucid


So, anytime I see a dream sign, if I see water or right now if I'm ever climbing stairs or going up something I do a reality check. It only takes 10 seconds of your time, but do it 10 or 12 times a day.

Sometimes you don't encounter your dream signs often enough, in which case you can pick something else like everytime you go through a doorway or every time you go to the bathroom, or everytime that you get a call from your mum.

You can pick arbitrary things if you like, if you don't have enough dream signs to start doing reality checks with, and I do recommend starting with checking your hands, checking a clock, checking a sign, checking your jumping. Those are four easy ones but there's a whole bunch of others to get into if we have the time.

Step 4: Staying inside the dream

So, you're journaling, your remembering your dreams then you're writing down your dream signs

Then you're using your dream signs to do reality checks, so that eventually you will accidentally do reality checks in your dreams, because when you're dreaming you don't think you're dreaming, right?

A purple elephant walks in the door and then your great grandmother comes dancing the conga down inside the hallway and you just totally accept this as fine, and you may wake up you're probably like "what the heck was that"? But in the dream world you just accept it as reality.

So, when you're in a dream you're going to trip yourself out one day once you actually do these habits, and you're going to do a reality check just thinking it aint nothing, just like all the other reality checks that you did in real life.

But, in your dream, you look at your hands, look at the clock, and at some point realize, "oh my god I'm dreaming".

Now usually, when you wake up to lucidity, when you realize the brilliance of the fact that "oh my gosh, I'm awake and aware of the fact that this is a dream", you wake up.

So the final step of the equation, once you're doing reality checks all the time and finding yourself occasionally doing routine reality checks in your dream, just on autopilot and then realizing your dreaming - you have to stay in the dream.

3 Ways to Stay Lucid in a Dream

This is the hardest part, and what I'm currently working on because I'm still not very good at it. I get way too over excited that I wake up and this is a very common problem.

So, there are a few things you can do to stay in your dream. There's been tons of ones that have been researched but the primary ones that have been found to work for most people are focusing your attention. I'll give you an example...

I was dreaming once and I was in a weird situation I saw a girl and I thought she doesn't look real she looks like a doll. So I did a reality check and sure enough I had seven fingers on both hands and a baby arm growing out of my arm. I was like "oh my god I'm dreaming", immediately I stared at my fingers.

You have to focus your attention on something, really zoom in and see all the detail and "hang on", "hang on", "hang on", "hang on", and if you're lucky the swooping sensation of lucidity will go away, and then you can unfocus from whatever you're looking at and be present in a lucid dream.

Another great technique is 'spinning', something about the physical sensation of spinning confuses the ears and the brain and it doesn't allow your body to come out of the dream state.

I'm not describing it right but basically, when you're out in a field and you've got your arms out on the sides and you're swirling... whirling...whirling... that feeling of spinning. If you can imagine yourself doing that in your dream it does help a lot of people stay lucid.

Another way is to go with the swooping feelings, so rather than let that swooping feeling wake you up, fall down in your dreams.

I know some people in the forums I participate online they just fall flat on the ground and hang on to the ground while everything swirls around them.

If they let that swooping feeling be part of the dream of them falling to the ground, and then once that clears, because it will clear after about 30 seconds or so, usually you're in a whole new environment, but it's all of your choosing and you're playing around in your subconscious, awake... but asleep, this is how you lucid dream.

Why Practice Lucid Dreaming

Why would you want to do it, really once you get there it's like "wow I'm dreaming".

Ok well first of all you can fly around the world like superman, or go meet dead friends or go practice an instrument that you play but play it in a concert in a great hall and probably do a great tour. Go do something you never have the guts to do in real life, go sky diving or skiing or a double black diamond course or something.

So it's all sorts of fun things that you can do in your mind, but you can also do spiritual things if you really want to get into it.

You can sit down and have a conversation with one of your favorite gurus or teachers. If you want you can sit down and have a conversation with God and see what happens. You can have a conversation with yourself as a child and resolve old issues, so there's a lot of potential.

Final Thoughts

So that's how you do it, (1) journal to remember, (2) note your dream signs, (3) practice reality checks, (4) and then stay lucid. Once you do a reality check in a dream and you have realized you're dreaming, figure out a way that works for you to stay in the dream.

I just want to close by saying, it's really a comical and interesting process. Sometimes when I get to a level of lucidity I wake up literally laughing out loud, it was such an enjoyable experience.

And once you do go into lucidity regularly you can make routines, people you visit regularly or demons that you can confront if you have frequent nightmares or recurring nightmare situations.

You can work through those processes and you will find that you are far more centered, balanced, intuitive being, once you start interacting with your subconscious that way, it's a very powerful thing.

(To learn more about Shanti visit her YouTube channel).

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