Lucid Dreaming For Beginners Step by Step (part 2): Dream Signs and Reality Checks


So first thing when you get up, don't move. Immediately start remembering your dreams, and then write them down when you can. When you are writing down your dreams, write down as much detail as you can remember.

When you're first starting this out you may not have much, when I started dream journaling I was writing one or two sentences, maybe a paragraph of five sentences or so, but get what you can down and go through all five senses - 'See', 'Smell', 'Hear', 'Taste', 'Touch'.

What were you experiencing, sometimes a dream is nebulous and you can't really understand where you were, who you were with, but you remember the color orange or the smell of raspberries or the feeling of the wind on your face.

Capture whatever it is you can remember, because that will train your brain to start realizing that the senses you're having and the dreams are valid, and they're something more from memory.

Now, a year and a half into dream journaling I wake up and most mornings I write 10 or 12 pages. I mean, long epic dreams, because I'm able to recall that many details but it did not happen every night. It took a long frustrating journey of being like "why can't I just remember these dreams".

But be patient with yourself, the process does work itself. So dream journaling and remembering your dreams is the very first step.

Step 2: Identifying Your Dream Signs

Step number two is identifying your dream signs. So after you've been dreaming for a while you'll start to see a redundancy in your dreams. There are certain people and places and environmental things or elements that are in most of your dreams.

For instance, my hugest dream sign is water, in almost every single one of my dreams there's a waterfall, there's a lake, it's raining, I don't know... I got a glass of water in front of me, I'm trying to find water.

Water is very present in my dreams, but whatever it is for you, things that you dream all the time take note of them.

The way I started doing this, is I started every couple of weeks, I would go back and read all the dreams that I had and make notes of any recurring elements, because you'll have some dream signs that you have all the time, and then you'll have some dream signs that are only recurrent for a period of time.

Like right now in present day I'm having lots of dreams of ascending. I'm climbing mountains, I'm climbing boulders, I'm rock climbing, I'm climbing trees, I'm going up enormous staircases.

Most of my dreams involve ascending. So that's a dream sign for me now but that wasn't true a couple of months ago. So as you're journaling take note of your dream signs, this is very important and the next step will explain why.

Also, make note of any feelings, those are also dream signs. If there's a recurring motion, that's worth noting because that's an indicator that you're dreaming. Then you can start doing the final piece of the puzzle which is the most important part of lucid dreaming and that is doing reality checks.

Step 3: Doing Reality Checks

In your dreams the environment that you live in is very different, there are certain universal qualities to dreams that hold true for almost every person on the planet, thus researched.

Such as, anatomy is very vague in dreams. When you're dreaming it's very hard to read signs, you may be able to read the text, but if you look away and look back it's all new text or it's different color or it's in a different place or the letters have moved around. Usually if you stare at a body of text, the letters start moving around, wiggling around, changing form.

It's almost impossible to read digital clocks in a dream, all the little pieces of the digital numbers swim round and never actually form a coherent time.

You may think you're at a time, lets say you glance at an alarm clock in you're dream and you think you're at noon, but if you actually investigated while you were dreaming and went to look at that clock, you may see that it's changing time everytime it blinks or that all the little pieces are forming weird stuff.

So there's a lot of inconsistencies in dreams that you can use as bases for judging whether you're dreaming or not... I may have got ahead of myself let me explain how these two ideas tie together.

When you're awake, once you know your dream signs, you must practice routine and regular reality checks while you're awake. Because everything that happens in our dreams is mostly based on the routines that we live out in waking life.

If you perform reality tests, such as looking at your hands, checking a clock, seeing a sign you'll notice "ok I'm not dreaming so everything is fine". But, if you do that enough in waking life, if you do reality checks while you're awake, you will ultimately do reality checks while you're asleep, and I can personally testify to that because at first I thought this was a wild idea, but it really works.

So, what you've got to do, is do dream signs. For example, whenever I see water, I go "am I dreaming" and I just do a 10 second test. I look at my hands, "ok five fingers... two wrists".

Next I find a clock, this is my second reality check, I look at the clock, I look at the time and I really study those numbers and see "are they moving". I look way and I look back at the clock does it still say the same thing.

Then I look for some signage somewhere around me, something in front of me or if I'm driving a billboard or something, and I look at those words, look away look back, look away look back, does it still say what it said before? Is it still the same color and format?

Another thing that's very inconsistent in dreams is gravity, so if I'm in a position were I can I'll also do a couple of jumps, and I'll really believe that I can fly, because in your dreams even if you can't fly, usually if you jump you don't fall right back down to the ground.

In dreams you can jump and then float back down to the ground, and you may not have noticed that if you haven't explored your dreams a lot but it's very, very consistent.

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