Ringtones For Cell Phones Can Be a Lot of Fun

Something that I like to do in my free time is go my cell phone provider’s web site and look at the various ringtones that they offer. There are literally thousands to choose from, and they have some very unique ones that you can pick. I have found that choosing ringtones for cell phones can be a lot of fun.

The very first ringtone that I ever had was a movement from the Modest Mussorgsky work, “Pictures at an Exhibition.” I am a great lover of classical music and found this piece to be very grandiose.

The main thing I was looking for when I decided to choose a ringtone was that I could hear it very clearly in a noisy environment, and with this piece, I was certainly able to do just that.

After a few months, I was in the mood for something different, and decided to see what else was available in the way of ringtones for cell phones. I found the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain. As an Irish-American, I have always thought this song was cool, so I went ahead and ordered it, but I quickly realized that it was not very professional-sounding.

I kept looking, and eventually found the Monday Night Football theme song, which was great for me as a freelance sports writer. The only problem there was that I would be in the press box at a football game and my cell phone would go off, and the sound technician would think he had accidentally set off something.

I found some other ringtones for cell phones that I thought were interesting, but that really upset some other people. For instance, I found the Aggie War Hymn, the Texas A&M fight song to put on my phone as a ringtone.

One night when I went to a game, I just so happened to be with four writers that were all University of Texas fans! What are the odds? It was a very tense situation when my cell phone went off and everyone started staring at me.

I then found Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” as a ringtone, but I could barely hear it, and missed more calls than I can even count. I started to think that I had been ripped off, until I realized that I just couldn’t hear it when it went off.

Ringtones for cell phones can be a lot of fun to pick out, but you really have to find one that is appropriate for you and your job. I went through several of them before I finally found one that worked for me that I could feel comfortable with in any situation. It was the ringtone that played when I first bought the cell phone, which basically sounds like a phone ringing.