Refurbished Computer Systems Are All I Buy

It used to be that whenever it came time to buy a new computer, I would go to an electronics store, spend over a thousand dollars, and always wonder if I had made the right choice. A few years ago, my brother introduced me to a web site that sells refurbished computer systems, and I have not bought a new computer since.

First and foremost, I can get refurbished computer systems for a fraction of the cost that a brand-new computer system would cost me. In this day and age, that is a very big thing. If I am going to make an investment of over a thousand dollars on anything, I had better to be able to either live in it or drive in it and be able to pay it out over time.

The second benefit of refurbished computer systems, and for me really the most important point, is that with the refurbished systems you know that everything is going to work properly. The reason they are refurbished is because there was something wrong with them that has been fixed, so now they run properly and will probably do so for years to come.

I have purchased two refurbished computer systems and both have served me very well. I had one for five years and never had a problem with it at all. As a matter of fact, I decided to pass it on to my younger sister. She was starting college, and I wanted to make sure that she had a good computer to do her school work.

The second refurbished system that I purchased was about two years ago, and once again, it works like a charm. I do a heavy workload of assignments as a freelance writer, and the computer holds up nicely under constant use and never gives me any trouble.

I recommended refurbished computer systems to a couple of friends who use their computers most of the day every day, as well, and both were very happy with the results.

One of them told me that before he bought a refurbished system, he would actually have to save up in order to buy a new computer and said it would always break the bank for him. Now, he can easily afford a system and knows that it will work just as good as a new system, if not better.

I don’t think that I will ever buy a new computer again. I know that for some people, a new computer is very appealing, and they would much rather have that than something that has already been used. That is fine. As for me, however, refurbished computer systems are all that I will use from now on, and I feel perfectly confident in doing so.