Ready Mix Concrete Works Great: If You Know What You Are Doing

One of my good friends who builds fences as a side job came over last spring and built a privacy fence for my home. He knew exactly what he was doing and had all of the supplies that he needed for the job, including three bags of ready mix concrete.

Watching him dig the holes for the posts, measuring the tops of the posts, measuring the distance between the posts and putting everything into place was like watching a conductor direct a symphony.

My friend obviously had this down to a fine art and knew exactly what to do, every step of the way. He pulled out the bags of ready mix concrete and tore the top off of one. Pouring the bag’s content into a wheel barrel, he started spraying water from the hose into the wheel barrel and mixing the water and the concrete together.

He did not have to measure anything or make any adjustments, he just knew when to stop when the consistency was exactly the way it was supposed to be.

I asked him about the ready mix concrete and he said that he used it all the time, and it worked like a charm for anchoring posts into ground so that he could build his fences. It took him about six hours over two days to finish everything up, and the fence is still in very good shape three years later.

I decided that I was going to try my own venture with ready mix concrete, and that did not exactly go as planned. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be a nightmare.

I went to a local hardware store and bought a bunch of square patio stones. I was going to build a larger patio in my backyard, but I did not just want to set the squares in place and leave them as they were. I decided that they needed to be connected with ready mix concrete, so that I would have what I thought would be a solid sheet of stone. It did not quite turn out that way.

The ready mix concrete did its job just fine. It seeped in between the stones and formed a strong adhesive so that they were all stuck together. The problem was that the stones were not completely level, and I ended up with a patio that was jagged and completely cemented together.

I eventually ended up taking a sledge hammer to the patio, and broke it all to pieces. It was a big waste of money, and I decided to let a professional take care of such matters in the future, or at the very least, do a little bit of research. Ready mix concrete can be very handy to have around – if you know what you are doing.