Portion Control is Key For Permanent Weight Loss

When I decided to start losing weight a number of years ago, I researched every aspect of dieting and exercise to try to determine the best way to take off the weight and keep it off. What I discovered was that I had to not only change the foods I was eating, but that portion control would be really key to permanent weight loss.

One of the things I realized I was doing wrong when I was trying to lose weight was eating to much at each sitting. I took time to actually measure out the serving sizes listed on the various food products that I was eating, and found that I was eating two and a half to three times as much as I should have been.

When I started exercising some portion control, I noticed that I was shedding weight like nobody’s business. I began to eat smaller meals more often during the day, and it really revved up my metabolism and I was losing steadily each week.

One of the more interesting things about portion control is something I certainly don’t advocate when someone is dieting. However, even on those occasions that I was not as good as I should have been and ate fast food or something else that I shouldn’t be eating, as long as I did not overdo it and kept the amount of food I ate to smaller portions, I did not gain weight.

I started to realize portion control, at least for me, was the most important aspect of dieting. I also learned that it is not so much what you eat that is the most important thing but how much you eat.

Another great thing about portion control for me was that, for some reason, I had always felt like I needed to be stuffed in order to be full. I mistook eating to the point of feeling bloated with being satiated. I realized after a few weeks that I was stuffing myself before, which was part of the reason why I had put on weight. A lot of things were becoming easier for me.

For one thing, I started to sleep a lot better at night. I also found that I did not have heartburn anymore and I no longer suffered from bouts of nausea, which I really had a problem with before I started watching my portion sizes.

Portion control is something that everyone who is trying to lose weight should keep in mind and try to employ. Eating less at each meal along with regular exercise will not only help you to lose weight, but it will help you to feel better in a number of other ways, as well.