Portable Air Conditioning Units Come in Handy

I live in Texas, and let me tell you, it can get hot! I travel a lot in the state, and while almost every hotel I visit has air conditioning, sometimes the rooms are just not as cool as I would like them to be. For me, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep when you’re hot.

For this reason, I decided to invest in some portable air conditioning units, and I make sure that I bring one with me wherever I go. They are easy to transport, and I can assure you, they definitely come in handy.

I visited a town in the Texas Hill Country in July. I was covering a story that took place in this particular town, and I would be staying at the local hotel, which was the town’s only hotel. It was very quaint and quite nice, but the temperature was at least 80 degrees, and when I tried to turn up the air conditioning in my room, it would not work.

I went out to my car and got my portable air conditioning unit and brought it up to my room. I plugged it in and fired it up, and slept like a baby in a cool and comfortable room. The next day, I packed it up with my bag and other belongings and was on my way.

One of the best things about portable air conditioning units is that they can plug into a regular outlet, so you don’t have to worry about an adapter or special plug. They are also fairly light, so carrying them around is not that much of a problem.

Another thing that I like about portable air conditioning units is that they are quiet. Sometimes, I am a bit worried that plugging in an air conditioner in a hotel room my disturb some of the other guests, but because it is so quiet, I can barely hear it and nobody else can hear it either, or at least nobody else has ever complained.

On one occasion, I had to cover a story for a local newspaper out at an area race track in August, and I was going to be there all day with one of our photographers. The race track officials were kind enough to give us our own trailer to set up shop, but there was no air conditioning. We walked inside and it was absolutely stifling.

One of the officials said I could plug my laptop in right behind a table. I told my photographer that I had one of my portable air conditioning units out in my car, and said I was going to go get it and set it up in the trailer. We ended up having most of the members of the media hanging out in our trailer, because it was nice and cool, while it was over 100 degrees in their trailers.

Portable air conditioning units may seem like an unusual purchase to make, but if you live in a warm-weather state and want to be prepared at all time, I would seriously consider investing in one.