National Geographic Magazine is Special to me For Two Reasons

I have always been a big fan of National Geographic Magazine. I love to read it and look at all of the pictures, but as a freelance writer, I have always wanted to work for the magazine, as well.

I started reading National Geographic Magazine when I was a young teenager. What I think I loved the most about it was all of the exotic places the magazine covered and the interesting people they photographed and discussed.

I remember one article that stood out to me in particular was on the South American dart frog. It said that the tiny creature secretes a substance through its skin that is 200 times as powerful as morphine, and that local tribesmen would lace their darts with the frog’s secretion to hunt. It said the hunters had to be careful, though, because touching one meant instantaneous death!

I also remember reading about a group of people in Southeast Asia in which the women put rings around their necks to stretch them out, because it is considered beautiful. The reporter for National Geographic Magazine said that if the rings were ever removed, their weakened necks would snap under the weight of their heads.

Besides of all of the great stories the magazine has published over the years, it would be a dream for most journalists to write for National Geographic, getting to do all kinds of travel and meet all sorts of interesting people.

The articles in National Geographic Magazine are of the highest quality and the photos make you feel like you are there. Besides being to cover whatever topic the magazine decided to give you, you would also learn so much about the world.

My best friend, who is also a photographer, and I have talked many times about covering stories for National Geographic Magazine. We talked about the idea of making a trip to some exotic country on our own and finding an interesting story and submitting it to the magazine. We never got around to doing that, but we did toy around with the idea.

I still subscribe to National Geographic and everyone in my family reads it whenever it comes out. I have pretty much put the dream of writing for it on hold, but if I ever had the opportunity to do so, I certainly would not pass it up.

National Geographic Magazine is so addicting to me that it will probably always hold a hallowed place among magazines for me. It is something I never get tired of reading, and look forward to every new edition that comes in my mail.