Metal Garden Furniture Has Its Good And Bad Points

When I decided to buy some accessories for my back yard recently, I opted for metal garden furniture over plastic or wood. I just felt that there were many advantages to metal, and I soon found out that while there were many benefits to metal garden furniture, it also had its drawbacks.

One of the best things about metal garden furniture is that you really don’t have to worry about cleaning it that much. It is a good idea to hose it off every now and then, but it is nothing like cleaning cushions of foam and fabric.

I also like the fact that it is pretty weather-resistant. I feel completely comfortable leaving it out in the rain, where I would not feel that way with chairs with cloth covers, or wood for that matter, unless I had used sealant on it to protect it.

Another good thing about metal garden furniture is that it can often be lighter than the other varieties, especially the wood furniture. I once had a wooden picnic table with four wooden benches to sit on, and it was hard to lug it around when I needed to water or mow my back yard.

There are some disadvantages to having metal garden furniture, as well, that I soon found out could create some serious issues.

First and foremost, if anything comes loose on any kind metal garden furniture, it can be sharp and poke you. This has not been a common occurrence for me, but on one occasion, one of the supports on the back of a chair came loose and got me pretty good.

Another drawback to metal garden furniture is that it can rust if it does not have a really good paint job. I have had a few pieces of my furniture rust, and it is not a pretty sight.

I have also found that metal garden furniture is not always as sturdy as wood furniture. Of course, you have the trade off in that it is lighter, but I have found that it does not support you as well. I had one of my aunts over for a family reunion and her chair gave out from under her. It was quite an embarrassing moment.

I am not saying that all metal garden furniture has these problems, and to be completely honest, it is what I still prefer. I like the fact that it is so much easier to manage, maneuver and clean, and it is worth it to me to put up with the other problems. I guess with everything in life, you have to take the good with the bad, and metal garden furniture certainly has both.