Metal CDs Are Still Big Sellers

When I was a youngster, my family and I would got to a place called Trader’s Village about once a month and shop for a variety of things: house decorations, appliances and pretty much everything else under the sun. My favorite reason to go there was because of the large collection of heavy metal CDs this one little store always seemed to have.

I never will forget that the first of the many metal CDs I ever bought was Metallica’s “And Justice for All.” I loved that album, and I would listen to it over and over again, as I did when I had first bought the album on cassette. The beautiful part about having it on a compact disc was that I never had to worry about it wearing out.

I went on to purchase several more metal CDs by Metallica, along with Guns n’ Roses, Pantera, Anthrax and several other bands, but as time went by and tastes in music changed, it appeared that heavy metal seemed to lose some steam in popularity.

I would hear about the hottest new pop sensation or hip hop artist, but rarely about heavy metal, unless of course, it was one of those bands I had listened to, especially Metallica.

I went to a music store the other day, however, and I saw the heavy metal section was full of metal CDs of bands of which I had never even heard. From what some of the younger people standing around were saying, though, metal CDs are still pretty popular.

I began talking to them and asking them about heavy metal and whether they liked it, and they said they did and most of their friends were into it, as well. I started mentioning some of my metal CDs, and while they said they respected those bands for getting things started, they were a bit too “old school” for their taste.

I then went over and talked to the store owner, and he told me that he regularly had people buy metal CDs and said he actually would have to say that it was one of the stores’ more popular sections. I don’t know if it was just a matter of me being out of touch, but I have to say that I left the store quite surprised.

It makes me feel good to know that metal CDs are still big sellers and that heavy metal itself is alive and well with a strong following among the listening public. It was a major part of my childhood and teenage years and something I look back on with great joy, and I hope that it will continue on for years and years to come.