Mens College Basketball is Fun For Many Reasons

One of the most popular sports at any level in the United States is men’s college basketball. The television viewership is almost always strong, and the games themselves are typically well-attended, and I think that these things are true for a number of reasons.

I think the first thing that impresses me about men’s college basketball is the level of sportsmanship. I have seen a few incidents on the court that sort of made me cringe, but for the most part, the players are respectful of one another and play fairly.

A friend of mine that who is a big college basketball fan said he likes to watch the college game more than the NBA because, to him, there are better fundamentals. He said that the college players seem to understand the concept of passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding and playing defense better than a lot of players at the professional level.

Another reason that I like the sport is that I know the college kids are not receiving any money for playing the game. In men’s college basketball, they are out there for the love of the game and to represent their schools.

Now, I am not so naive as to believe that some of the players are not out there simply trying to secure a spot in the NBA, but it still seems to be more pure than professional basketball.

There are also not nearly as many crimes or instances of violence in men’s college basketball. I know that there have been point-shaving problems at the collegiate level, and gambling, but you don’t hear about weapons violations or brawls breaking out at the college level nearly as much as you do in the pros.

The men’s college basketball tournament is another aspect of the sport that contributes to its popularity because it allows so many teams to have a shot at a national title. It used to be that there were 64 teams in the hunt, and now it looks like that field will be expanded to 96 teams.

I think the NCAA is beginning to really understand how popular men’s college basketball really is, and wants to capitalize on that fact. With 96 teams, a whole lot more revenue can be drawn for the tournament.

Men’s college basketball is popular for a variety of reasons, and March Madness continues to be one of the biggest and most-viewed sports events in the world. As basketball is the sport in the United States with the largest level of participation and so many teams to choose to root for, I think that popularity will continue to grow.