Make a Great Income from Home

Having a job that let you make income from home in the olden days meant stuffing envelopes and licking them closed. Today’s best income from home opportunities have come a long way from that and even long time employed types are now looking at these once unique, now commonplace situations.

Work at home jobs and freelance gigs abound in the private sector. The trick is finding one that is not a scam or some MLM pyramid scheme that you have to drag your resentful friends into.

Time was when if you wanted to work from home your best bet was to work stuffing envelopes or processing payments for large medical insurers such as Kaiser or Aetna. Most of those jobs have been outsourced to even cheaper labor in other parts of the world or are now being done by computers or technology.

Now the fastest and best way to get a work at home gig is to surf the web. That’s right, the worldwide web, or as we like to call it, cyber heaven. You can skip the surfing though and just go straight to Craigslist and odds are you will find just the right kind of short or long term job that will fit your preferred lifestyle, and that is as a shut-in.

Okay, shut-in may be a bit harsh, but definitely one that likes to type wearing nothing but his jammies (if that) and if you try that outside the privacy and sanctity of your own domicile you could be in for derision at best and incarceration at worst. Unless you’re a sixteen year old girl going to Starbucks in the morning, you should not be seen outside the house in your P.J.’s.

I digress. Go to Craigslist ( and find your country, state, and local area by navigating through the region finder on the right. Once you get the screen of your region, fiddle around with it and get to know all the different sections. The job listing board is great and contains tons of full time positions.

Unfortunately, most of these require showering and getting dressed in more than your undies. You may actually be forced to sit in an airless, windowless cubicle for eight to ten hours each day. If just the thought of working like this makes you shudder with revulsion, then you need to look elsewhere if you are looking to make some sort of income from home, no matter how feeble.

Because of course you will not find a $75 an hour job in the Gigs section of Craigslist. If you do find one then you should immediately go out and buy a lottery ticket because this is the luckiest day of your life.

But just look at all the savings you get by working from home. You don’t need fancy, expensive clothing anymore. If you do decide to keep your car, you will definitely save on gas.

So what if you make less (okay, a lot less) than your previous daytime enslavement, the point is, you are now free. Income from home means freedom to do whatever you want, practically anytime you want to do it. It means taking two hour lunches (or even three) and maybe a late afternoon nap.