List of Horror Movies That Don’t Suck

Horror movies have always been the favorite genre of many movie aficionados around the world. Unfortunately horror movies don’t get the respect from film critics that other genres get. It is extremely difficult to make a really good and scary horror movie.

The list of horror movies that are actually any good is not very long. Slasher movies tried to replace horror movies about twenty years ago but those are not real horror movies. On any list of horror movies that don’t suck you will find some truly frightening films. Here is my list of horror movies that are worth watching.

“Rosemary’s Baby” may be a bit dated now and may not give you the kind of chills it did when it first came out, but it is still one of the really great atmospheric movies ever made and still can creep you out.

“Psycho” may have been the first slasher movie but it is a true horror picture and has all the gothic trademarks of great horror films plus a dangerous and cheesy contemporary setting that everyone who has ever stayed at a roadside motel can attest to.

“The Exorcist” of course is still at the pinnacle on anyone’s list of horror movies that don’t suck. If you have never seen it, then you need to drop anything and everything that you are doing and go buy it right now.

Put it on your big flat screen tonight and watch it with someone else that has never seen it. It is still the most unsettling and deeply frightening film ever made by a longshot and will keep you awake for many nights to come. This movie is definitely not for young children and not for the faint of heart. It is extremely brutal and very disturbing.

“The Blair Witch Project” was perhaps the greatest grossing film of all time in any genre because it cost so little to make and yet made hundreds of millions of dollars. Using handheld shaky cameras the film is a mock documentary about a group of students filming a documentary on the famous “Blair Witch” in the Maryland forest. The three students get lost deep in the forest and encounter some truly terrifying things out there. Without spoiling it you need to stick with this one until the very end.

2009’s Blair Witch Project was a little indie film called “Paranormal Activity” and is about a suburban couple that find their San Diego house haunted by an evil demon (are there any other kinds?) and they again use handheld cameras and night vision cameras to film the ghostly situations.

This is a movie that begins slowly but builds to a shocking final act. This picture joins our list of horror movies that don’t suck because it will truly terrify you.