Leather Living Room Furniture: Just Be Careful?

When my wife and I moved into our first home, we decided to buy leather living room furniture, because both of us were big fans. It was just the two of us at the time, and the furniture store delivered it to our home and set it up for us.

We enjoyed it for three years, with no accidents or problems of any kind, and then my son was born. We thought that it would be fine if we were just careful not to let him sit on the couch without something underneath him, and certainly nothing to drink, but we soon found out that babies find a way.

My wife was feeding him one day when he was just a few months old, and he spit up onto the couch. It was almost a relief at the time. We were constantly worried about the leather living room furniture, and now that it had happened, it was as if we could relax a bit.

Within a few years, the beautiful sofa we had so treasured had juice stains on it, crayon scribbles and even a few tears. You see, when he was teething, one way that my son could always find relief was by gnawing on arm of the sofa.

It was not too bad, because the rest of the leather living room furniture we had was still in pretty good shape, and we would always point to our son when people would ask about our sofa. Then our daughter came along, and eventually, the rest of the furniture started to resemble our sofa.

We started to place quilts over the sofa and chairs, and naturally, we would get the strangest looks. People could simply not understand why we would be covering up leather living room furniture with throw blankets. Then we would show them the furniture, receive the same pitying look, and the same one-word question — “kids?”

When we moved to our second home, we did not realize how careful you have to be with leather when you are moving it, and it was in even worse shape when we got to our new house. It was a little depressing until my wife and I stood there and watched our kids playing on it and having a ball. They had grown up with that furniture, and it did not matter what shape it was in to them.

We did get rid of the leather furniture eventually, and our current living room set is in much better shape. Of course, the kids are older and not as messy as they once were. I would still love to have leather living room furniture in my house one day. I think I will just make sure that the kids are out of the house before I do so.