Learning to Love Aerobic Exercise

In our health conscious society, everyone is working out. There are a multitude of programs designed to give you maximum results. However, nothing beats good old fashioned aerobic exercise to shed calories, pounds and inhibition.

Aerobic exercise is fun, and healthy for you in a variety of ways. In addition, the wide variety of aerobic exercises available make it interesting and fun. Aerobic exercise benefits your body and mind in a couple of ways.

Initially, it will raise your heart rate. This jumps your metabolism, and can help you burn calories at an accelerated rate. Moreover, it helps to build lean muscle, especially in your legs. Certain types of aerobic exercise can also tone your core, if it requires balance.

Finally, aerobic exercise is fantastic for clearing your mind. It allows you to focus and unwind all at once, relieving stress by producing endorphins, which gives you a mild feeling of euphoria.

How should one introduce aerobic exercise into their routine? The answer is slowly. Starting an intensive aerobic routine suddenly will cause major muscle pain, and exhaust you. If you are not an active person, start by introducing aerobic background activity into your daily routine.

This can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking at the back of the parking lot. Once you can complete these tasks without being winded, start by walking on a daily basis for twenty or thirty minutes at a brisk pace.

There are other ways of practicing aerobic exercise that don’t involve walking or running, though. Riding your bike, dancing, swimming and playing certain sports also qualify. Have fun, and use variety to keep your exercise from becoming dull.

If you have a gym membership, take advantage of the variety of aerobic machines you can exercise on. Aside from a treadmill or stationary bike, there are also elliptical machines, stairmasters, and gazelle machines that will work out your body in different ways while elevating your heart rate and making you sweat.

Aerobic exercise is a tried and true form of physical activity that can get you into shape in a hurry. It helps improve heart health, keeps your mind clear, and keeps you feeling good. You can ease into an aerobic program, and once you’re in the groove of things, there are a wide variety of activities that you can partake in. Want to be healthy? Aerobic exercise is the ticket.