Know About Psychology And Selling

The new environment in America calls for a new approach to the sale of U.S. products. We’re talking about selling to the basic consumer, a person who is not only American, but could just as well be Chinese, Russian, African, Indian, any one from any country in the world.

Fortunately, this new consumer, the universal consumer, is no different from the American consumer when it submitted to psychological driven sales. If you know about psychology and selling, you can sell to anyone in the world.

It’s true, there are vast cultural differences between people of different cultures, different countries, but all are driven by the same basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, other people. Next on the list of superior desires shared amongst all people, with but few exceptions, are a sense of security and belonging, preferably with an elevated status.

If you will know anything about psychology and selling, know that drives and desires are what a salesman and his product appeal to, and that all people share the same basic drives and desires.

Knowing this, knowing just a little about psychology and sales, should open the door of your business to the one world economic system that is quickly replacing the local systems you always sold to. Treat the universal customer as you would any customer. Appeal to his or her drives and desires.

Another psychological structure most people in the world have in common that is of interest to the salesman is the imagination. We all have one. Most of us do not consider a plan fully completed until we have imagined the actions necessary to carry out the plan.

The customer hears your words and interprets these in the imagination. A piece of wood has been sold as a powerful god to many people in the world, a rock, a tree. More than likely, those buying these things weren’t buying it for the wood or the weight: they were buying it for what they imagined it to possess.

The imagination of every human is the theater of your presentation, the place the customer really sees the thing or idea you’re selling. Know about mind, which is was psychology addresses, and know the power of words to create an imaginative reality in your customer’s mind.

The more you know about psychology, a general science of the mind and behavior, the better a salesman you’ll be. Combining studies in the human mind with an equally intense study of language and rhetoric, will make you a selling success no matter what you’re selling. To get started, get some books.