Ideal Blood Pressure Can Vary

I have always heard that the ideal blood pressure is 120/80, and that if it is even a little bit above that, especially above lower number, it might be a good idea to go and see your doctor. The last time that I had mine checked, it was 132 over 82, so naturally, I was a bit concerned and decided to go for a check-up.

My doctor asked me if I was having any of the symptoms of high blood pressure, such as headaches, dizziness or nausea. I had those things occasionally, but nothing that seemed to me worth mentioning. I told him that I had the occasional headache, felt sick to my stomach when I ate too much and never had dizziness.

He told me that the top number was actually fine, because I was 31 years old at the time and he said that the top number could be around your age with not much to worry about.

To be completely honest, I felt fine. I was really surprised that my blood pressure was slightly elevated and that was when I first started to question whether or not the ideal blood pressure for everyone was 120/80, or if it could vary a few points here and there.

My doctor said he would not put me on blood pressure medication at that time, but asked me to try a few things on my own, such as walking and taking in less salt, and then returning in three months for another visit to see if it had come down.

I did both of those things, and after three months I went back for another visit, and my blood pressure was exactly the same. My doctor did not seem upset, and said he really was not that concerned about the lower number as it was then, but rather the possibility that it would start getting higher and higher.
He asked me to return in another three months to check it again.

In the meantime, I spoke to a friend about my theory on ideal blood pressure, and how it could vary slightly among different people. I asked him if he had his checked in the recent past, and he said that he had gone to the doctor a few weeks ago and his blood pressure was 128/76, and that his doctor said it was right where it needed to be

Apparently, 120/80 was not my friend’s ideal blood pressure, either.

I returned to my doctor three months later, and it had gone up. This time, it was 133/82, and in all fairness, I had my birthday between the second and third visit and had eaten poorly that day. My doctor said he really didn’t think that there was anything to worry about at that time, but to try to get back to the doctor at least once a year to have it checked.

I am not a physician, and I can’t say with absolute certainty that I don’t have a mild form of hypertension, but I feel great and don’t have any of the symptoms. While I don’t think that there is a huge variation, and perhaps not more than a couple of points, I do believe that ideal blood pressure can be relative to each person.