I Will Always Remember The Mario Brothers Games

When I was growing up, it seemed that everything started and finished with the Mario Brothers games for the Nintendo. The first game I ever played on the Nintendo was the original Super Mario Brothers game, and probably the most momentous occasion in the original Nintendo’s history was when Super Mario Brothers 3 came out.

I don’t remember how old I was when the Nintendo first came out, but I will always remember the very first Super Mario Brothers game that came out. You could play as Mario or Luigi, and you went on little adventures, trying to capture coins along the way and kill nefarious creatures that were trying to get you.

One of my favorite things about the game was learning how to “top the turtle” to get a bunch of extra lives. I would always invite my friends over and show them that I had learned how to do this, when all of them could not. I was extremely proud of that, and I still contend that it was one of the coolest things about any of the Mario Brothers games.

I remember the first time I beat the game, as well, and how it was one of the greatest senses of accomplishment I had ever experienced in my short life. My older brother had already beaten the game a few weeks earlier, and many times since then, and I had not been able to for a while. When it finally happened, I could not believe it, and I jumped up and down, screaming at the top of my lungs that I “finally beat it!”

Super Mario Brothers 2 was pretty cool as well. It was a little more advanced than the first game, and I remember my brother really enjoying that particular game. I liked it as well, but I much preferred the first and third game to the second game.

What made the third game the coolest out of the Mario Brothers games was the fact that the first time it was revealed was in the movie The Wizard. It was near the end of the movie, and the three kids were playing in the video game challenge to win $50,000, and the contestants were all told that it would be a game they had never seen before for the final contest.

Then it was dramatically revealed that it was Super Mario Brothers 3, and I was just awestruck. I felt like I was privy to some great secret that only a few people knew besides me. I remember watching the movie in the theater, and an assortments of gasps and cheers could be heard when it was announced.

I played Super Mario Brothers 3 and all of the Mario Brothers games over and over again when they came out, and when I think about the Nintendo, to this day I always think about those games. They were a lot of fun to play and a big part of my childhood.