I Always Get a Kick Out of Seeing a Satellite Image of My House

I will never forget my first experience with seeing a satellite image of my house. My brother had found a web site that would allow you to do that, and the thing that I found the most interesting about it was being able to see my house and yard from the top.

It was fascinating to see where I lived from that kind of angle, and I loved the view because my yards looked very well kept and my house had a very cozy appearance. I called my sister into the room to show her the satellite image of my house, and while she thought it was pretty cool, she was not nearly as excited as I was.

I think my interest went beyond most people’s, as I soon found myself looking up all of my friend’s homes, and calling them to let them know about the site. Most of them probably thought I had lost my mind, because nobody was nearly as enthusiastic about it as I was.

After an hour or so, something occurred to me. I could look at a satellite image of my house from every place that I have ever lived. I went over to my parent’s house and asked my mother if she could give me a list of all our addresses and all of the cities in which we had lived, and once we got it all written down, I headed back to my house to look my old homes up.

I started with the first home I ever remember living in in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a row house, and the remarkable thing about the satellite image of my house in Baltimore is that it showed that almost nothing had changed from when I lived there nearly 30 years ago. The house itself, obviously, was the same, but even the surroundings looked the same.

I then went to the first home we moved to in West Texas after living in Baltimore. It was in San Angelo, and it was completely different from how I remembered it being. The satellite image of my house was pretty much the same, but as I panned out, the area around the house had been built up so much that I could hardly recognize my old neighborhood.

I looked at a few of our other addresses and eventually arrived at our first house in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This was where I lived for about six years, and although the satellite image of my house revealed that it has been painted a different color and now had a carport, everything else was pretty much the same.

My fascination with the satellite image of my house eventually wore off, and now I rarely ever look at it at all. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, though, and provided a great trip down memory lane.